Organics and Composting

Working with our waste collection services provider, the Town of Strathmore's residential organic waste, collected from the green carts, is turned into nutrient-rich soil amendment.

Environment Canada has identified organic waste material as making up about 40% of residential waste. The more waste we put in our landfills, the more we contribute to the release of greenhouse gasses and pollution that can leak into ecosystems - harming plants and animals.

You can help reduce the amount of waste that is sent to our landfills by composting. Organic materials such as kitchen scraps and back yard debris contain essential plant nutrients.  These can be easily recycled for use as fertilizer and soil amendment – keeping organic material out of our landfills.

What are the benefits of composting?
Compost Program
Our compost program keeps waste out of our landfills and can make your garden, and the gardens around Town, even greener! 
How Does it Work?

From May 1 - October 31, pick up a compost tag from the Strathmore Municipal Building at 1 Parklane Drive.

Take your tag to the Strathmore Recycling Facility, and give it the attendant. You can self load up to 10 gallons of finished compost.

Application Instructions

  • As top dressing for established lawns, spread evenly, 1/4" to 1/2", in the spring and then water thoroughly
  • Before planting flower beds and vegetable gardens, apply compost within the garden and work into 5-8cm of soil and then water thoroughly

Compost must be manufactured to meet stringent government standards designed to protect human health and the environment. As with any soil product, please wear gloves and wash your hands after use. If you suffer from allergies, respiratory conditions, or a compromised immune system, take specific precautions to avoid inhalation of dusts (i.e., wear a dust mask). 

Effective January 2024

The Recycling Facility can be accessed Tuesday to Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm and is located at 103 Huxted Way.

Compostable Bags
Organics can be placed in compostable bags instead of placed directly into the cart. Certified organic bags are made from food-by-product and break down easily. Biodegradable or plastic bags are not acceptable as they do not break down and will contaminate the composting process. 


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