Strategic Plan

Header graphic for Strathmore Council's Priorities

The Town of Strathmore’s Council has identified six areas which will receive focus during this Council’s term. These priorities are not listed in any particular order of importance or priority; however, were selected based on community feedback provided to Council as well as current service opportunities and challenges from Administration.


Graphic of an affordable house in Strathmore
Affordable Housing

Strathmore is an affordable community for residents and businesses enabling access to housing, services, and supports.

Graphic of financial sustainability in Strathmore
Financial Sustainability

Strathmore provides predictable and prudent tax rates and user fees that reduce overall Town debt, build financial reserves, maintain existing assets, and plan for sustainable growth.

Graphic of community development in Strathmore
Intentional Community Development

Strathmore creates communities for its residents and with its neighbours (Siksika Nation, Wheatland County) and institutional partners, which promote sustainable and interdependent family friendly spaces.

Graphic of environmental stewardship in Strathmore
Climate Resiliency Including Environmental Stewardship

Strathmore protects, manages, and enhances its local environment while preparing for future challenges due to climate change.

Graphic of economic development in Strathmore
Economic Development

Strathmore is well-positioned to encourage commercial and industrial economic development with a focus on sustainable growth.

Graphic of community wellness in Strathmore
Community Wellness

Strathmore values Community Wellness focused on the maintenance, protection, and improvement of services that support optimum lifestyles. 

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