Mayor and Council

Strathmore Town Council


Role of Strathmore Town Council

Strathmore's Town Council is the main governing and legislative body for The Town of Strathmore.  The purpose of Town Council is to ensure The Town of Strathmore is providing services the people of Strathmore need and want. They respond to the community's immediate  concerns while making time to plan for Strathmore's growth. Town Council has multiple roles. It represent the individual people of Strathmore but also represents Strathmore as a whole. Council members are elected from the community and participate in policy setting, law making and ensure protocol is followed appropriately. The Province of Alberta gives power to Town Council and Strathmore's municipal government to administer the area within town boundaries. 

Responsibilities of Strathmore Town Council

Town Council is responsible for:

  • determining goals and priorities,
  • developing and approving policies, bylaws and major projects,
  • planning and providing services and programs,
  • setting the tax rate,
  • representing the municipality.
  • accepting and developing policies and bylaws,
  • approving budgets and funding for community groups and events.

Strathmore Code of Conduct Review

Strategic Steps Inc was engaged by Council in Fall 2020 to investigate alleged breaches of protocol. A review was completed and a report was approved at the May 19 Regular Meeting of Council. You can read the report here.

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