Councillor Denise Peterson

Denise Peterson is a 3rd generation Albertan, descended from western European homesteaders. She grew up on a ranching/farming operation in southeastern Alberta, and embraces the pioneering spirit that helped build our Alberta communities. She believes that non-partisan municipal politics allows for the most meaningful dialogue between community members and has publically declared her promise to respect the voices of all community members.

Denise is devoted to building a family-friendly affordable community. Of great importance is her promise to ensure that the needs and concerns of Seniors continue to be heard. She is also steadfast in her commitment to building a collaborative government that works with our County, the Siksika Nation and our neighboring municipalities so that services can be delivered more economically and without duplication. In response to the interests raised by millennials, Denise is extremely interested in promoting eco-friendly environments mindful of water conservation, storm water control, recycling and urban agriculture. She wants to work with her Council to build innovative intentional communities that incorporate raising and growing food in safe knowable environments.

Denise and her husband Roger Nelson have lived in Strathmore for more than 34 years. Together their immediate family has grown to 19; including 8 precious grandchildren. The diversity in her immediate family of farmers, teachers, nurses, an oilman, doctor and private business owners have given her insight into the complex challenges of our community. Denise has been a teacher (10 years) and administrator (20 years) for Golden Hills School Division and currently works for Siksika Board of Education. In the Spring of 2014 she completed a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Inclusive Leadership.

During her years in Strathmore Denise has dedicated her time to community building through starting the Strathmore Storefront School and the Sequoia Outreach School in Gleichen, and through more than 20 years of coaching volleyball and fastball. She has served on the Wheatland Family Community Supports Services Board, The Wheatland Housing Authority, the appointed Board for the Redesign of Provincial Children's Services and the Hearthstone Child and Family Services Board. In a professional capacity she served for several years as a member and Chair of the Appeal Committee for the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan, as member and Chair for the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), Chair and member of the ATA Professional Conduct Committee, the ATA Professional Practice Committee, as President of the Wheatland Teachers Association, Project H.O.P.E. Board member and Canadian Teachers’ Federation Women in Administration committee. She holds certification in many areas including Restorative Practice, Risk Threat Assessment and Suicide Intervention.

In her spare time Denise is an avid potter, often utilizing her skill to teach others. She consistently takes courses of interest, tries to learn Blackfoot, is a voracious reader, traveler, public speaker and volunteer. Most importantly she spends as much time as she can with her large family.

At the October 25, 2017 Organizational meeting Denise was appointed to represent the Town of Strathmore on the Marigold Library Board, WADEMSA, Wheatland Housing Management Board and the new Tourism Development Board. She is looking forward to serving her community over the next 4 years and she welcomes inquiries, ideas and comments.

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