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2022 - 2024 Budget

As of November 24, 2021, the Corporate Business Plan, which includes the 2022 - 2024 Balanced Operating Budget and 2022 Capital Budget, has been passed.

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 Q: Why is Strathmore Budget 2022 so important to me?
 A: The Town of Strathmore delivers many of the services our residents and businesses rely on every day. Budget 2022 outlines how these services will be supported. Budget 2022 also states what capital projects are a priority for the Town. Capital projects include new facilities, road and utility work, new fire engines and vehicles, and more. Budget 2022 tells you how the Town of Strathmore is creating a higher quality of life in our community.
 Q: How has the budget changed since last year?
 A: Strathmore’s Mayor and Council were elected on platforms that build the future for our community. Since being elected they’ve focused on balancing cost-cutting efficiencies with creating strong economic policies. In Budget 2022 your Mayor and Council are continuing to lead Strathmore in developing the highest quality of life – one that delivers services and amenities while keeping our Town’s taxes the most affordable in the region.

Most contracted services have pre-set increases built into them. For example, our RCMP contract specifies an annual increase for cost of living increases for our officers and other expenses. In many cases these pre-set increases exceed the cost of living increase expected for Strathmore.

Revenue has decreased in some areas because of the Provincial budget. Revenue from fines supports our protective services departments. The Government of Alberta has increased the amount of fine revenue it takes, leaving less to support our services.

Increases in costs and decreases in some revenue sources are addressed by new levels of property taxes for residential and non-residential property owners.

Budget 2022 will enable us to continue to build a sustainable and thriving community.

 Q: Where do my taxes go?
 A: The largest single portion of property taxes goes directly to the Government of Alberta. One-third, or 33% of the property taxes collected in Strathmore are sent to the Alberta government to help fund our province’s education system. Strathmore delivers exceptional value in Budget 2022 for all residents and businesses from every dollar of tax revenue collected.

The remaining property tax revenues help to fund the Town’s operations. Our recreation centres, Strathmore Fire Department, recycling and waste collection, Town staff, and community support services are some notable examples.

Paying for debt on borrowing for Town infrastructure is a very small part of our overall costs. These debt repayments account for less than 5% of our total expenses.

 Q: Are services being reduced?
 A: Strathmore’s services and amenities deliver a high quality of life for our community and are key to attracting new residents and businesses. Citizen feedback highlighted the importance of protecting these services, while ensuring long term financial stability. Strathmore’s Budget 2022 ensures our amenities and services continue to provide a high quality of life.
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Accounting Dictionary

Understand the A, B, Cs of budget by reading through the terms and definitions in the Accounting Dictionary.  The dictionary gives plain language explanations of the different terms you'll see when you read through the Town of Strathmore's financial documents. 

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Budget Information

Each year, the approved budget details how money will be spent to provide essential services to residents in conjunction with Council's strategic priorities and vision. Revenue is primarily from municipal grants from the Province of Alberta and property taxes. The budget is divided between operating and capital expenses. The operating budget covers day to day expenses and employee salaries, as well as resources and utilities needed for daily operation. The capital budget accounts for developing and maintaining infrastructure and facilities across Town.

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Budget Process

The Municipal Government Act states that a Municipal Council is to pass a budget for each year. Our budget process starts with resident and business feedback throughout the year, especially through our Citizen Satisafaction Survey. Fall workshops are used to further develop operational and capital project plans. Council provides direction and priorities to Administration for the financial planning. A three year operating and capital financial plan is presented to Council. From this financial plan a one year budget is adopted and approved by council. The 2022 budget was approved by Council on November 24, 2021.


Financial Reporting

Section 280 of the Municipal Government Act states that “Each council must appoint one or more auditors for the municipality”. Further, the Act requires the auditor to report to council on the annual financial statements.  These financial statements are the responsibility of the municipal administration. The auditor’s responsibility is to express an opinion on the annual financial statements based on their audit. The Independent Auditors Report is on page one following the table of contents.

Audited Financial Statements by Year:


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