Councillor Jason Montgomery

I have lived in Strathmore since 2006 when I moved here while working for a regionally located engineering firm that built or worked on many of the highways surrounding this community. I grew to appreciate the lifestyle and potential for improvement that Strathmore displayed, and I decided to settle down and invest more fully into this community.

In 2013, my wife and I started our family, which has since grown to 5. My wife and our 3 children are active and frequent users of many of the amenities, natural and manmade, that are available in our town. This gives me first-hand experience with what makes this a great community to live in, and what areas could use some improvement. I have used this, as well as my background in business, construction, and athletics, to look for ways that the Town of Strathmore can be more efficient in its delivery of services to our residents, as well as providing the best possible value for our tax-dollars.

My goal while on council is; to be a good representative for our community while dealing with other governments and organizations, being a strong negotiator and striving to realize the best possible outcomes for our community and fighting for our interests in a way that builds healthy relations with our partners, being responsible and reactive to the needs of our citizens and ensuring that the Town of Strathmore organization is managed in a way that gives our residents the high quality of life that we should expect for our tax-dollars, and finally: leaving the community in better shape health-wise, more economically robust, more environmentally and financially sustainable, and to build a great community to raise a family and spend your life in.

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