Volunteering Opportunities for the Town of Strathmore

Council Committees

The Town of Strathmore has many opportunities for individuals to volunteer on select Council Committees, boards, or focus groups.

Click here learn more about our council committees and to apply. 

For questions or additional information please contact Johnathan Strathdee, Manager of Legislative Services, Town of Strathmore: Johnathan.Strathdee@strathmore.ca

Looking for more opportunities? Visit our Town Calendar and browse any event to see whether volunteers are needed!

Volunteer Driver Program: KARE (Kind, Accessible, Reliable, Economical)

The purpose of the KARE Volunteer Driver Program is to assist those who do not have access to affordable, inter-municipal transportation (between communities) for their Healthcare and personal appointments. Each Client is required to fill out a client application. They will receive a client hand book detailing the program and how it works. Once the client is set up, they can just call the Strathmore FCSS office to book a ride. The client is responsible to reimburse the drive for expenses & parking. Call the office for the reimburse schedule. Rides are booked on a first-come-first served basis by calling the Strathmore FCSS office. It is recommended that trips be booked as far in advance as possible. While the Strathmore FCSS office will work to ensure that all client needs are met, the availability of rides are based on the availability of program volunteers. Rides may be unavailable at times.

For a client application, volunteer driver application or for additional information, please call Strathmore FCSS at 403-934-9090.

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