Mayor Pat Fule

Pat Fule has lived and taught high school in Strathmore since the Fall of 1983. He spent many of those years volunteer coaching in Basketball, Volleyball, and Track. He and his wife Debbie have been married since 1985, and Debbie has been a long time teacher at Ecole Brentwood. They have raised two children, Brennen and Breanne, who were schooled in Strathmore and played on various school/club teams.

Brennen played 4 years of University Basketball, and has completed a Bachelor of Management.  Brennen is married to Abbey, and he is the Privacy Officer and Project Manager for Medi-Com Consulting, Medi-Messaging Inc., and Covert Messaging.  Breanne played 1 year of College Basketball, and completed a B.A. degree.  She is an Early Literacy teacher working for Golden Hills School Division, and is married to Kody MacIntyre.

Mayor Fule's focus for this next term of Council is to continue to work toward reasonable taxes in town, but to also find ways to improve the town. He'd like to see continued efforts at beautifying Strathmore with parks and trees, as well as continued efforts to add to the growing paved pathways of Strathmore. He feels it is very important for pathways for health and wellness, as well as for an alternate means of getting around town. New housing areas have to continue to add pathways and greenery for the look and health of Strathmore.

In addition, Strathmore needs to seriously begin efforts to build a new Arena. There are many residents who could make use of such a facility, and as far as Winter Sports, more residents would not have to practise so much out of town.  The initial step would be the formation of an Arena Committee with clear and focused Terms of Reference.

The Downtown business area must continue to be supported, and ways need to be found to attract business there, as well as residents in that area. Recently, completion of Canada 150 Projects on 2nd Avenue and Kinsmen Park have occurred. 3rd Avenue improvements would also the continuity and design of Downtown Strathmore.  We continue to find a solution for the 500 + acres South of Highway #1. We need to find a way to market the lands, yet allow for future needs in schools and recreation sites. Hopefully, the Town can find a way to effectively deal with these available lands.

Strathmore needs to find ways to support the police presence in town.  We have begun a “watch clerk” program in order to help officers be freed more from desk work, so they can patrol more in public.  We have recently been seriously lobbying K Division for Langdon to get its own detachment.  Not having Strathmore officers patrol in Langdon would also enable them to better police Strathmore and the County of Wheatland.

Lastly, our Seniors need to be taken care of, and we have to address the need for a new, expanded Seniors Lodge, as well as a potential hospice.

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