Assessment Review Board

What we do

The ARB is a quasi-judicial Board established in accordance with the Municipal Government Act and is an impartial tribunal that hears formal complaints against the assessment of properties, businesses, local improvements and brownfield property exemptions and deferrals.

No. of Positions



One (1) year, maximum four (4) consecutive years.

Eligibility Criteria - members

Public members should be:

  • residents of Strathmore,
  • at least 18 years of age, and
  • willing to complete mandatory ARB training


In addition to the above, preference will be given to applicants who: 

  • have experience chairing a committee or board meeting;
  • have understanding of the Town of Strathmore Procedure Bylaw;
  • demonstrate strong time management skills; and
  • have previous experience with public engagement


The Board meets as required.

Current Members

Debbie Enslen, Greg Hollingsworth, Brad Walls

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