Public Hearings

The bylaws listed below are under review.

Bylaw 20-04

Bylaw 20-04 proposes changes to the Land Use Bylaw to classify Secondary Suites as a Discretionary Use in the R1, R1N, R1S, R2, CR, and CB Land Use Districts. Please contact Planning and Development at to discuss if the current zoning of your property can legally accommodate a Secondary Suite.

Bylaw 20-10

Bylaw 20-10 proposes to regulate sign benches and memorial benches. 

Bylaw 20-02

Bylaw 20-02 proposes to minimize adverse land use impacts of, and to influence the appearance and concealment of Telecommunication Facilities in Strathmore.

Notice of Public Hearings 

Click on the dates listed below to view the upcoming public hearing information:

Public Hearing June 3rdBylaw 20-04

Public Hearing July 8thBylaw 20-10

Public Hearing July 8th - Bylaw 20-02


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