Fire advisories, bans, and restrictions

Current fire ban status: Fire Advisory in effect. Learn more here. 

About Strathmore fire bans

Fire bans are implemented by the Fire Chief/Director of Emergency Management to prevent community fires. They temporarily ban backyard fire pits when conditions are hot and dry.

Residents are permitted to have a fire in a backyard fire pit when there is no fire ban in effect. Please continue to take precautions when having a backyard fire when no ban is implemented by using clean, dry firewood and ensuring that your fire is completely out before leaving.

Urban and rural fire bans

Urban fire response differ significantly from rural response. Access to water supply and size of the fire district all play roles in determining the level of advisory or ban in place. Because of this, fire bans in The Town of Strathmore may differ from fire bans in Wheatland County. Watch this page for the most up-to-date information on Fire Advisories.

What is a fire advisory?

A fire advisory is issued to inform residents about conditions which pose a moderate to high fire risk. Fire advisories may be issued during unusally dry or hot conditions and may stay in effect despite rain or snow. Advisories are issued for safety while the Strathmore Fire Department continually monitors conditions. Any updates to fire advisories or bans will be posted to this page.

Curious about fire ban information outside of Strathmore? Check the Alberta Fire Bans Website for more information.

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