Water Supply and Distribution

Working with our partners at the City of Calgary and EPCOR, Strathmore strives to be responsible stewards of our water supply system.

Report a water main break, water pressure concerns, discoloured or cloudy water, taste and odour concerns and submit water shut off requests to the Infrastructure Department during normal operating hours. For after hours emergency response, contact EPCOR.

Infrastructure Department

403-361-2108 / infrastructure@strathmore.ca

EPCOR 24hour Emergency Response Line


Utilities Department - 403-361-2101 / utilities@strathmore.ca - utility bill inquiry, bulk water and meters

2024 UPDATE: Alberta is at risk of droughts and water shortages. Everyone can help do their part. 
Water Conservation Initiatives and Updates
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Water Supply

Strathmore‚Äôs water is supplied via the City of Calgary and is transported to the town using the Strathmore owned East Calgary Regional Waterline (ECRWL). Monitored by EPCOR, the town's water regularly exceeds regulation and inspection requirements. 

The City of Calgary's water comes from the Rocky Mountains west of the city from a basin-like landform called a watershed

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Calgary's water supply