Residential Development and Home Improvement Applications

Open any of the menus below to learn more about our more common home and property improvements, and whether a development or building permit is required. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below you can reach out to for help.

 Basement Developments

If you’re thinking about finishing or renovating your basement, you will need to submit building and utility permit applications. If you’re putting up new walls, installing a new staircase, changing the heating, electrical or plumbing, you’ll need to apply for building, electrical, plumbing, and/or gas permits.


If you’re thinking about developing your basement as a separate living area (a Secondary Suite), a development permit is needed. More information can be found further down the page.


Basement Permit Package

 Certificate of Compliance

A certificate of compliance is legal confirmation that the buildings on your property are permitted and meet the appropriate rules and regulations. If you would like to apply for a certificate of compliance, please submit a Real Property Report that is less than 3 months old and the application fee to

Find answers to common questions in the Certificate of Compliance brochure. 


A development and building permit are required for all decks higher than 0.6 metres (2’-00”) above grade or if you’re attaching a deck to a mobile home.


Uncovered Deck and Balcony Development Permit and Building Permit Package

Covered Deck Development Permit and Building Permit Package


The Town does not require a development or building permit for a fence less than 2.0 metres in height, however there are specific height restrictions for certain parts of your property, and some neighbourhoods have architectural guidelines that restrict the fence height. If you require a variance to any of the height restrictions, you’ll need to submit a development permit application. Click the below fence information brochure for more information.


Fence Information Brochure

 Low Density and Multi-Residential Development Application
 If you’re constructing a residence such as a single-family dwelling, semi-detached house, duplex, or an apartment you will need development, building, and utility permits. 


Residential Development Application Package

If you're renovating the exterior of your building, a development permit is not required so long as the renovations do not increase the area of the building and comply with all setback and height requirements of your land use district. A building permit may be required.


Typically, no development permit is needed for internal renovations either. However, a development, building and utility permit are required for secondary suites or if you’re renovating your basement. If you are unsure, reach out to for help. A building or utility permit may be required.

 Secondary Suites
A secondary suite, also known as a basement suite, mother-in-law suite or granny suite, is a self-contained living space located on the same property as a detached house. It has a separate entrance with cooking, sleeping, and bathing facilities. Development, building, and utility permits are all required for a secondary suite.

A basement development is not necessarily a secondary suite. If you’re unsure, reach out to and we can assist.


Secondary Suite Information Brochure

Secondary Suite Application Package

 Sheds and Garages

For accessory buildings, such as sheds or greenhouses, that are less than 10m2 in area, no permits are required. If your accessory building is 10m2 or greater you must apply for a development permit, a building permit, and potentially utility permits. 


Accessory Building and/or Shed Package

Detached Garage Package

 Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

In-ground and above-ground pools and permanent hot tubs all need development and building permits. Hot tubs additionally need utility permits. If the pool or hot tub is to be placed on a deck, engineered drawings are required.


Pool Application Package

Hot Tub Application Package

Safety Tip for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs


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