Parks and Outdoor Facilities

The Parks Department maintains and operates Strathmore's green spaces, parks, outdoor facilities, and pathways ensuring their safe for use and enjoyment of the public.

As of May 9th 2023 the Tennis Courts will be closed & under construction, with a completion date of June 9th 2023, weather dependent.

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Strathmore parks are open to the public from 5:00am to 12:00am with pathways open for travelling through the parks 24 hours/day. 
For information on our recreation facilities, including the Aquatic Centre, Family Centre, Sports Centre, Civic Centre, and Splash Park visit;

Parks and Recreation

Pathway Maintenance

Strathmore's pathway network consists of over 30km of paved pathways that are maintained through out the year. 

To learn more about snow clearing routes and prioritization, view the Winter Road Maintenance Policy.

Visit the Pathways Map to find a pathway near you.

Download the S'more Paths App from the Apple App Store today to track your route through town.
Parks and Outdoor Facilities

Through ongoing lifecycle planning and year round maintenance, our Parks team is proud to maintain over 275 acres of parks and green space to promote healthy, active living. Work may include;  

mowing and trimming gravel removal in green spaces vegetation watering and weeding pathways snow and ice clearing
tree pruning garbage and litter clean up vegetation design and planting weed and pest control
infrastructure inspection infrastructure maintenance and repair graffiti removal park irrigation

Visit our Parks Map to find a park near you.

All outdoor recreational facilities are first come first serve and users are encouraged to share the space, showing respect for all and making room for users of all ages and abilities to recreate their own way. Some facilities have user rules and regulations, all which are posted onsite, please respect the regulations and the facilities. 

Kinsmen Park; municipal building, healing garden, storm pond/Kinsmen Lake, summer water activities, winter ice skating, pathways, green space, community amphitheatre, two pavilions, a gazebo, ball diamond, bocce ball court, picnic benches, docks for fishing, a playground, and public washrooms*. See Event Support, below, for information on Kinsmen Park facility bookings.

Lions Splash Park; includes spray apparatus that are activated by touch with benches and picnic tables. Visit our Parks and Recreation page for current operational hours.

Kinsman Park Ball Diamond; home to our Strathmore Reds.

Gray Park-Elmer & Phyllis; a protected wetland with natural and gravel paths and benches throughout.

Lambert Park; green space, a small pavilion, bocce ball court and public washroom*. 

Heritage Times Square; sitting area with shade coverage and is home to Strathmore's clock.

Strathmore Lakes; green space, walking paths, a pirate ship themed playground, summer water activities and winter ice skating.

Nathan Haase Memorial Park; fenced baseball diamond, soccer field and playground. 

Terry Ray Clark Park; large open field, a winter ice rink (when weather permits), disc golf course holes and a birth forest. 

Wheeler Park; green space, large trees, and a playground.

Lawrence Hilton Memorial Park; green space and a playground.

Ranch Soccer Field; soccer fields for all sizes of players.

Lions Regional Outdoor Rink; rink is flooded for natural ice in the winter (when weather permits). Lights are on every evening so skating and ball hockey can still be enjoyed. 

Skate Park; open daily (when weather permits). Encourages use by skaters of all ages and abilities.

Sledding Hills; Dinosaur Hill (Maplewood community) and Wildflower Hill (Wildflower community).

Tennis & Pickleball Courts; generally open May to October. Construction to upgrade the tennis courts and build pickleball courts will occur in 2023.

Disc Golf Course; 18 hole course that spans multiple communities in Strathmore. Visit our Disc Golf page for more information and course map.

Parks & Playgrounds; a variety of styles and accessible playground including a mobility inclusive playground at George Freeman School.  

Green Spaces; a variety of uses as well as a varying level of maintenance due to their proximity to the WID canal and community use.

Dog Park; located at 99 Slater Road, is open to the public between the hours of 5am and 12am. Dog walkers are expected to pick up after their dogs.  

Visit our Storm Ponds page for more information on recreational use of the storm ponds.

*public washrooms at Kinsmen Park and Lambert Park are closed in the winter months. 

Garbage, Litter and Graffiti Removal
The Parks Department manages littering by placing and maintaining public garbage receptacles throughout Town, along with year-round garbage clean up and green space clean up with our seasonal staff. 
The graffiti program is to remove or cover graffiti that appears on Town property. Graffiti includes undesirable message, scribbles and symbols not authorized by Town-issued permits. The unattractive results can require much work and expense to remove. 
Seasonal Holiday and Event Support
Supporting seasonal holiday decorating and town sponsored events, the Parks Department manages set up and tear down, traffic and pedestrian control and assisting the organizers with other requests for events throughout the year. 
To inquire on event support at Kinsmen Park or road closures for your event, connect with our Infrastructure team at 403-361-2108 /
Elm Tree Pruning
The only time it is legal to prune Elms in Alberta is between October 1 and March 31. This is when the Elm bark beetles, responsible for spreading the deadly Dutch Elm disease fungus, are not active. Elm bark beetles feed on healthy Elms. They breed and overwinter in dead and dying elm trees. If Elm trees are pruned between in the warm spring and summer months, the beetles are drawn to the scent of the fresh pruning cuts, potentially infecting an otherwise healthy Elm tree.
To help eliminate Elm bark beetle habitat - Elm sanitation is essential to an integrated Dutch Elm disease (DED) prevention program to keep Alberta DED free.
For more information, call the STOPPED hotline at 1-877-837-ELMS or check out the STOPDED website. To find an ISA Certified Arborist in your area go to
Pest Control
Gophers; Richardson Ground Squirrels can be cute to watch, but extensive burrows from large populations are a safety concern for residents and pets. The Town, working with contractors, actively enforces a pest management plan and spring is the best time of year to take action on Richardson Ground Squirrels. The following locations are priority locations to control gopher populations:
  • Town of Strathmore Dog Park (Slater Road)
  • Maplewood Triangle & Brentwood School Grounds
  • Strathmore Cemetery
  • Centennial Birth Forest
  • Lions Canal Park / Grande Pointe Park
Two control methods will be used: Bait stations and a foaming, environmentally friendly product.
Locking bait stations will be set up at the Slater Road Dog Park and surrounding natural area. Ground squirrels will be stimulated by the bait and they will bring it back into their burrows to feed other gophers. The bait used is what is called a multiple feed bait, meaning they may have to eat it a few times. Every 48 hours these bait stations will be refilled as well as the whole park will receive a thorough inspection. This method has been chosen to help so that the natural areas around the dog park can get a level of control as well as the area inside the park boundaries. These stations fully lock up so no dogs should be able to access the bait, and they would have to ingest three full bait stations’ worth or 30 ground squirrel carcasses to become ill.
The second method requires an environmentally friendly foaming product which provides a non-toxic approach with gophers dying inside the burrow systems. This type of control measure will take multiple years to control entire areas, but we expect a drastic decrease in populations during the first year. These areas that are being treated will still be susceptible to outside gophers moving into the locations after treatments are done. All above-ground carcasses that are found, which should be minimal, will be removed during control days.
Our Parks Team evaluates our pest management every year and we expect to see significant progress in controlling gopher populations in these priority areas.
Invasive Fish Species, can be found in Kinsmen pond and Strathmore Lake. For information on invasive fish species visit the Prussian Carp infographic. You can also visit the government of Alberta Invasive Fish page.
Skunks; read our Skunk Brochure to learn how to make your yard less enticing to skunks and remove skunks that have already moved in.
Weed Control
The Town of Strathmore Parks Team prioritizes work to control noxious and prohibited weeds by monitoring parks and green spaces for invasive species, and taking action when these plants are identified. Dandelions may be the weed you notice the most, but keeping people, pets, and property safe is our first priority. There are 75 species of non-native plants specified in the Alberta Weed Control Act. They present risks of spreading and causing significant economic or ecological damage. These plants include some that may be toxic or parasitic to other plants, such as Red Bartsia, Knapweed, and Garlic Mustard. Hoary Alyssum, Knotweed, Puncturevine, and others are toxic to pets, livestock, and other animals. Some are dangerous to humans. Black Henbane is toxic, and Hogweed can cause extremely painful rashes and blisters from any skin contact.
The Alberta Government proclaimed the current Weed Control Act in 2010. Noxious weeds must be controlled – meaning that they are permitted in a garden but cannot be allowed to spread from that area. Prohibited noxious weeds are not permitted to be cultivated and must be destroyed.
More information on provincially regulated weeds is available at:
Dandelions, while a nuisance, don’t cause property damage. We prioritize weed control on noxious and prohibited weeds that can cause property damage or are potentially unsafe in our community. Dandelions are also almost everywhere and capable of quickly spreading.
Our long-term strategy is to improve the health of our turf and other green spaces, however, where dandelions reach a predetermined threshold the Town will spray for this weed in our Class A and B parks. Our Parks Team has been applying top dressing and fertilizer to Town green spaces. A healthy lawn or garden is a better defence against dandelions. 
Black Henbane is a toxic plant. Cattle and other animals are susceptible to it, and it can cause tachycardia (very rapid heartbeat), convulsions, vomiting, hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperpyrexia (extreme fever), and other effects in humans. Black Henbane has spread across much of the world, so there are other names for this plant: Hog’s-bean, Stinking Nightshade, and Devil’s Eyes.
Getting rid of it: Preventing its establishment in an area is the most effective way to control Black Henbane. Each mature plant is capable of producing thousands of seeds for dispersal. The Town of Strathmore Parks Team is trained to identify Black Henbane. Once identified, each plant is individually bagged and removed, then burned to eliminate seed dispersal. Our crews monitor the area to eliminate other Black Henbane plants that may also be localized. Several horticultural and government bodies recommend mowing as an effective control as well.
Communities in Bloom (CiB)
Partnering with our local Communities in Bloom organization, the Parks team and Town Administration takes pride in the year-round work involved to exceed the standards set out to compete in the province wide competition.
2022 - 5 Blooms and Category Winner
2018 - 5 Blooms
Visit the Communities in Bloom page for more information.
Strathmore Cemetery
The Town of Strathmore’s cemetery is located on the west side of Strathmore along Highway #1 and is operated and maintained by the Parks Department.
Visit the Cemetery page for more information. 

 Visit the Storm Ponds page for more information safe use


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