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Utility Account information beyond rates and payment options. 

If you cannot find the information you need below, connect with the Utility Department at; 403-934-3133 or utilities@strathmore.ca.

Water Bylaw

The Town of Strathmore’s Water Utility Bylaw provides a baseline and standard for anyone who interacts with Strathmore’s water utility. As outlined in the bylaw, no person shall allow water to run in a wasteful manner. Plumbing companies and permits involving the installation of toilets and showerheads must meet all town specifications to be approved and reduce waste water. All indoor faucets must also come with a tap aerator. 

The Town of Strathmore is committed to supporting conservation efforts to protect our water supply. 

Town Water Service must not be used to water or irrigate outdoor vegetation including lawns, gardens, shrubs and trees between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pm on any given day commencing May 1 and remaining in effect until October 31 in a calendar year. 

Flowerbeds, Trees and Vegetable Gardens

May be watered by hand anytime using a watering can or hose with a nozzle and trigger shut off to restrict water flow.

Sprinklers and Water Toys

May be used for recreational purposes by children as long as the children are present during use.

Check out the Summer Water Conservation video for tips

Restrictions no longer in effect
The odd and even address dependent water restrictions are no longer in effect. The Watering Exemption Permit has also been withdrawn.
Water Management and Plans

Balancing a growing population with our own decisions, programs, and actions we continue to manage our resources so residents can trust on their water system for decades to come.

Whether we’re dealing with a small drought or flooded by rain, water conservation is always top of mind. The Town of Strathmore and EPCOR have ensured best practices are followed when it comes to water conservation.

At least one rain barrel with a minimum capacity of 220 liters must be provided for new residential developments on lots created after January 1, 2015. Rain barrels need to be shown on the site plan submitted with the development permit. Downspouts must be connected to the rain barrel and, in some cases, the Approving Authority may require one rain barrel for each downspout from a building to manage surface drainage.

Visit Planning and Development for more information.

Effective April 9, 2021, the Town of Strathmore will no longer be selling rain barrels. 

Check out Household Water Usage pamphlet for more information on conservation and sustainability

More information on your Utility Account;
Landlords and Renters

The Town of Strathmore does not open utility accounts in tenant’s names. The utility account for any rental property will be placed in the property owner’s name and the property owner shall be responsible for the payment of the utility bill to the Town of Strathmore.
The property owner may, if they wish, request that the utility bill be mailed to the tenant occupying the premises by completing Schedule "E" of Bylaw 20-26 Water Administration (formerly Schedule "F") and submitting to Strathmore's Utility Department;

Town of Strathmore
General Information
PO BOX 2280
1 Parklane Drive
Strathmore, AB, T1P 1K2.


Visit the Alberta Provincial Government website for information on Landlord and Tenants - Rights and Responsibilities 

The payment of the utility bill will be the sole responsibility of the property owner. Owners are advised that any outstanding, unpaid amounts will be transferred to an active tax account.

The Town requires a minimum of 48 hours notice when terminating service. The customer will be responsible for all charges until service has been terminated as requested.
You may fill out a Change of Address form and send it to the Town Office.  

If the customer chooses to report to the Town when they are leaving for an extended period of time by suppling us with a contact person and phone number, we will notify your contact person if any water consumption is reported during that time. Monthly charges for water, sewer and garbage will still apply during this time away.

For tips on how to prepare your home for a winter leave - Click Here 

Transfer to Tax Roll

The outstanding amount plus a transfer fee of $52.50 will be transferred to the roll of the parcel of land and is subject to collection under the tax recovery process as per the MGA Section 553 (1).

All new owners of a parcel of land requiring municipal utility services shall pay a $31.90 non-refundable Administration Fee.

No utility account for any parcel of land shall be transferred into the name of a renter. Such account shall be in the name of the owner and any notices will be forwarded to the owner.

Updating Information On Your Utility Bill 

The Town of Strathmore Utility Department requests that residents and business owners keep their address and phone number current in our records.

Visit the Utility Billing Address Change page for to submit updated information.

Utility Bill Mailout Routes
The Town of Strathmore Utility Bills (water, sewer, garbage collection) are produced on a Monthly Basis. Due to this new process, we have divided the town into two reading cycles (Route A and Route B) and thus two billing cycles.

Route A consists of the following areas: Wildflower Heights, Strathmore Lakes, Westmount, Downtown, Westpark Village, Thorncliffe, Parkwood, Green Meadow, Grande Point, Aspen Creek, Ranch Estates, The Ranch. These bills are produced on the 15th of each month for a one month cycle and due dates will be on the 10th of the following month. Penalties will be applied on the 11th of the month (day after due date) if payments have not been received at the Town office on time.  

Route B consists of the following areas: Hillview, Strathaven, Brentwood, Maplewood, Cambridge Glen, Glenwood, Orchard Park, Spruce Park. These bills are produced on the 30th or last day of each month for a one month cycle and due dates will be on the 25th of the following month. Penalties will be applied on the 26th of the month (day after due date)if payments have not been received at the Town office on time.  

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