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The Adopt-A-Hydrant program encourages volunteers to help keep fire hydrants clear, especially after a big snowstorm, in order to help firefighters quickly find and use the hydrant in an emergency. The program is open to individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations that want to ensure the safety of their neighbourhoods.

Fire Hydrant Map

Why does Strathmore need this program?

Winters are cold and snowy in Strathmore. Fire fighters need quick access to hydrants, which means they need to be clear of snow and ice. The Town of Strathmore’s Operations Team does a great job of clearing snow from the town’s hydrants. But since it’s difficult to quickly remove snow from over 360 hydrants all at once, our community volunteers can make a real impact and potentially save a life.  

How do I sign up?

Take a look at our fire hydrant map and locate a hydrant that needs adopting. Send an email to our team at the fire department ( with the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Phone number
  3. Email
  4. Hydrant number

Participation in the Adopt-A-Hydrant program is informal and nonbinding. If at any time you decide you can't participate in the program, just notify us and we will un-adopt the hydrant for you.  

What's involved?
We are looking for people to Adopt-A-Hydrant and keep it accessible all year long. In the winter, clear a one meter (three foot) radius around the hydrant and a one meter path to the street. In the summer, keep trees/hedges cut back and keep the hydrant free of grass, weeds, and debris.
Are there any safety precautions?

Please only shovel your hydrant if the conditions are safe to do so. When removing snow, ensure you’re completely visible and please be aware of vehicle traffic. Do not stand in the street and be careful not to slip and fall out onto the street. Also, please do not snow in the street. You should never put your health or safety at risk when maintain your hydrant.

Hope's Cradle

The Hope’s Cradle safe surrender site is located at the Strathmore Fire Department, 721 Lakeside Blvd. This initiative provides a safe location to surrender an infant as a last resort for parents that feel they have no other option. The project was made possible by the Strathmore Emergency Services Member's Association and local charity, Gems for Gems

Hope's Cradle indoor bassinet

How it works

The Hope’s Cradle safe surrender site is in a discreet area to protect the identity of the surrendering parent. Inside the temperature-controlled compartment is a bassinet and documentation that informs the parent of their rights and how the process works.

When the door is opened, a silent alarm is sent to the Fire Department Dispatch Centre.  First responders will be made aware that the door has been opened within approximately 30 seconds. The parent may place the infant in the bassinet and close the door. If the door remains open for longer than approximately 30 seconds an audible alarm will sound. This alarm is in place to alert the parent that first responders will be at the location soon.  It also serves as a reminder to close the door to keep the heat inside Hope’s Cradle. The audible alarm will stop sounding as soon as the exterior door is closed.

Once the door has closed it will not re-open from the outside until it is reset by the Fire Department. Fire Fighters in conjunction with EMS will respond to the infant, ensuring that medical care is provided promptly. Then the infant will be transferred to a City of Calgary Hospital, and placed under the care of the Ministry of Children Services. The surrendering parent will face no legal repercussions so long as the infant is found to be healthy.

What to do if you're in crisis

Hope’s Cradle is meant as a last resort for parents that feel they have no other option. We're glad to be supporting this initiative and hoping no one has the need to use it.

Becoming pregnant can be stressful on its own whether the pregnancy was planned or not. Other stressors such as financial difficulties and mental health issues or obstacles like drug and alcohol dependency and domestic violence can make it seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

The resources below support women facing these challenges:

Crisis shelters
Leaving a relationship
Financial support
Addictions support
Pregnancy support
Mental health resources
Other resources

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