Municipal Enforcement

The Town of Strathmore Municipal Enforcement Section is not an emergency response agency. All emergencies should be directed to the appropriate emergency service by calling 911.

Currently Strathmore employs Peace/Bylaw Officers which enforce Bylaws and Provincial Statutes throughout the Town of Strathmore.  Calls for service of a non-emergency nature involving bylaw offences including animal control issues can be made by calling 403-361-2112.

For all after hours Bylaw and Animal Control complaints, please call the RCMP non-emergency line at 403-934-3535.

Calls will be prioritized and attended to as the manpower allotments dictate during regular working shifts.

Click here to view a full list of the Town of Strathmore's Bylaws

Municipal Tickets

Strathmore Municipal Enforcement Citations

Town of Strathmore Bylaw and Peace Officers respond to complaints directly from community members and from patrols relating to quality of life, such as noise and nuisance complaints and vehicle parking violations.

Enforcement methods available to the Town of Strathmore are:

  • Achieving compliance by agreement or warning
  • Issuing a fine (Municipal Ticket Information) 
  • Direct enforcement of those Bylaws that authorize staff to take action
  • Court proceedings


Please note, anonymous complains will not be investigated. Please provide full details when contacting Municipal Enforcment.

Phone: 403 361 2112

For bylaw related concerns, please fill out aCitizen Communication Form.

What happens when I get a bylaw ticket?

 A bylaw ticket issued by a Bylaw or Peace Officer from the Town of Strathmore when a bylaw is contravened. The ticket outlines the following:

  • The offence description with the bylaw
  • The offence date and time
  • The penalty amount
  • The description of the vehicle, animal or location
  • The date the bylaw ticket must be paid by
How do I pay for a bylaw ticket?

Your bylaw ticket must be paid in full at the Town of Strathmore Office during office hours. Please present your ticket or a copy of your ticket at the following location:

680 Westchester Road, Strathmore

Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday

What happens if I do not pay the bylaw ticket?
If a bylaw ticket is not paid in full a Provincial Violation ticket is created for processing and forwarded to the individual/company with a letter outlining the offence. This ticket must be paid in full at your local provincial court during office hours. This ticket will have the required court appearance date printed on it. Failure to attend court may result in a 'conviction in absence'. Please be aware that additional penalties and motor vehicle services denial may be put into effect until all fines and penalties are paid. In some cases a provincial warrant can be issued.
How do I make an inquiry about a bylaw ticket or provincial ticket?

If you have questions about a ticket you have received please contact:

Town of Strathmore
Municipal Enforcement
680 Westchester Road
Strathmore, AB T1P 1W1
Phone: 403-934-3133

Hours of Operation are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday

How do I appeal a ticket?
If you wish to appeal the Bylaw Ticket, a person charged can wait for the Bylaw Ticket to expire and then a Provincial Ticket will be issued with a court date and at that time the person can plead not guilty and have a trial.
Recreational Vehicles
During spring and summer residents often bring their recreational vehicles and utility trailers into the town, be advised of the following. Under Traffic Bylaw 06-18 Section 1304, No person is allowed to have an unattached trailer parked on any street within the Town limits. The Trailer must be attached to a Motor Vehicle at all times. The fine for having an unattached trailer on a street is $50.00 for the first offence and $100.00 for each offence after that.

It should also be noted that under Land Use Bylaw #89-20 (section 61. (4) page 9 of 9) No trailer or RV can remain in a front yard / drive for more than 72 hours in any 168 hour period unless a tourist is staying in the unit. If this is the case then it can stay in the front yard/drive for a maximum of 72 hours in any 168 hour period. This also includes any utility trailer or boat trailer over 1.5 meters in height. Also, a reminder to residents of the requirement for registration and insurance of motor vehicles.

Any vehicle parked on a street within the Town of Strathmore must have a valid registration certificate, as well as a valid License Plate attached to it. The fine for this is $250.00, and the vehicle can be removed from the street at the owner’s expense. Vehicles parked on streets also must have valid insurance coverage on them. The fine for not having insurance on a vehicle is $2875.00 and again, the vehicle may be removed at the owner’s expense. This includes back alleys.

Do you own/drive a heavy vehicle (5,500 kgs)?
According to the Strathmore Traffic Bylaw a heavy vehicle is any vehicle which exceeds 5,500 kgs.  gross weight.   You are not allowed to drive a heavy vehicle from a truck route unless you are taking the most direct route to pick up or drop off a load.   You are not allowed to park a heavy vehicle off a truck route at any time.  If you are driving your work vehicle home you may be breaching the bylaw. The fines for these offences are $125.00.









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