Sea Cans

Council approved an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw that increased safety around sea cans and sea cans used for storage. Comments received during the public hearing notified staff and Council there was more engagement and education to be done around sea cans.

Sea Cans used for storage purposes are required to obtain a development permit and building permit. If the sea can is kept on a property temporarily, for less than 10 days, it is exempt from needing a development or building permit. Some of the new regulations now require sea cans used for storage to be vented, set back from other buildings and parking areas, and control the types of materials that can be stored. The full list of regulations can be read here: Land Use Bylaw 14-11 Sea Can Regulations.

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I want to use a Sea Can for storage, now what?

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House on August 30th!

If you missed it, you can download and read through the presentation here. You can also download and read an excerpt of the Alberta Building Code to learn a bit more about how storage of hazardous gases, dusts, or liquids is regulated.

Administration took a report to Committee of the Whole on December 14th, 2022, summarizing the feedback received from the Open House and providing some suggestions for land use bylaw and fee bylaw changes. You can download and read the report here. The Fire Department has already started making some operational changes including developing a sea can registry with our GIS Specialist, writing a new standard operating guidelines, and updating their annual fire inspection procedure. If you'd like more information on what the fire department is doing, you can reach out to Chief Sturgeon at 

The proposed changes to the land use bylaw received third reading on March 15, 2023. This means the changes have been adopted into the Land Use Bylaw and are now in force. You can download the bylaw here. The red-lined version of the section can be downloaded here. If you have questions about any of the changes you can contact Megan Williams at

If you would like to apply for a development or building permit for your sea can, you can download the application package here and submit it to when it's complete.

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