Good Food Box Program

What is the Good Food Box Program?

The Good Food Box is a non-profit organization offering sustainable access to nutritious, quality produce while ensuring variety, freshness and affordability. Locally grown produce is prioritized with a focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Good Food Box is brought to you by your community, packed by volunteers and delivered to Strathmore through Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) who what to ensure individuals and families have access to affordable, healthy food.

Why order a Good Food Box?

You will save money.
Good Food Box is similar to a large bulk club with centralized buying coordination. This means you will receive produce at a fraction of the cost compared to what you would pay in the grocery store. The goal is to make produce available at the lowest price possible to the greatest number of community members.

You will increase your healthy choices.
Good Food Box ensures that you and your family will always have tasty, fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables in your home.

You will be supporting local farmers.
Good Food Box prioritizes ordering produce from local and regional farmers. We also source from other places while always trying to get the best prices closest to home.

Who can purchase a Good Food Box?

Anyone can participate!  We welcome box orders from anyone who wants to support the program—in fact, we are stronger and more sustainable the larger our customer base. This box is accessible for everyone regardless of income level.

When can I order?

Boxes are available for pick-up or delivery once a month. 

2024 Good Food Box ordering and pick up schedule

*Please note that starting August first the Good Food Box will have updated pricing as follows: 

  • Small Box $32.00 (25 - 30 lbs)
  • Medium Box $37.00 (35 - 40 lbs)
  • Large Box $42.00 (45 - 50 lbs)
Ordering Dates
2024 Ordering and Payments Deadlines (by 4pm)          2024 Pick up Dates (Fridays 11am - 12pm)                                    
 January 8 January 19
 January 29 February 9
 February 26  March 8
 April 1  April 12
 April 22  May 3

Where can I pick up my Good Food Box? 

Starting January 2024 the Good Food Box pick up location will be at the Strathmore Municipal Building, 1 Park Lane Drive. 

Parking will be in the main parking lot, you will be required to come in and pick up your box and load it in your vehicle.
If you are unable to lift a box, here are a few suggestions to ensure you can safely pick up and load your box:

  • Bring someone with you who can lift up to 50lbs
  • Have someone pick up for you
  • Bring bags to transfer your produce into for easier lifting
  • Bring a wagon or other type of cart to load box/bags into
  • Hire a taxi to pick up and deliver

Pick up time will remain from 11am—12 noon. All unclaimed boxes being donated to local organizations.

How much does a Good Food Box cost?

Good Food Boxes are available in three sizes. Weights are an approximation and will vary dependent on produce type, size and density.

  • Small Box: 25 - 30 lbs of fruits and vegetables - $32
  • Medium Box: 35 - 40 lbs of fruits and vegetables - $37
  • Large Box: 45 - 50 lbs of fruits and vegetables - $42

How do I order?

Please call Town of Strathmore, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) at 403-934-9090 to place your order. Ensure you call before the order deadline indicated on the schedule. 

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