Garden Suites

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Staff presented information on Garden Suites to Council during the April 13th, 2022 Committee of the Whole meeting. The presentation can be viewed here. You can also read the report here

Following this presentation, Council directed Staff to engage the residents and other stakeholders of Strathmore to gather feedback on the community’s opinions around garden suites; what regulations should be in place, what parts of Town they should be allowed in, and what concerns there may be around garden suites. In addition to gathering feedback, there will be an education portion that teaches folks what garden suites are and how the application process may look.

Garden Suite Poster

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Garden Suite Survey! It is now closed, the results are available to download and read here and you can review the Council report here.

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The Strathmore Planning Department will be scheduling future engagement sessions so residents will have opportunities to provide feedback about Garden Suites.  When events are scheduled, we’ll post the details here. You’ll have an opportunity to speak to staff about garden suites and pick up some printed materials.

This space will be updated periodically with information sheets, survey results, engagement opportunities, and the dates we’ll go back to Council with the results. To stay up to date you can Subscribe to this page below, you'll be sent an email any time we upload this webpage.

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