The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada's National Police Service. The Town of Strathmore contracts the RCMP to provide municipal police services. For all policing information and questions visit the Strathmore RCMP Detachment website, or call their non-emergency/administration at 403-934-3968 or to file a complaint, please call 403-934-3535.

Call 911 if you need help from the police, fire, or ambulance right away. Always call 911 when someone's health or safety is at risk. When a life is at stake, 911 is the fastest way to get the help you need.

In a true emergency, dial 911 and stay on the phone. The operator needs to ask a few questions so they can send you the right help. Answering these questions will not delay help getting to you, the help you need is sent quickly, often while they are still talking to you.

When should you call 911?
  • In a medical emergency
  • If you see a fire, even if it is away from your home or does not appear threatening
  • If a crime is in progress
  • If there is a motor vehicle accident
What should you know when calling 911?
  • The need for police, fire, or ambulance
  • The address of the emergency
  • The phone number you are calling from
  • As many details about the emergency you can remember

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