Utility Rates

How do we calculate your Utility Bill?

  1. Water Maintenance Levy - flat monthly rate: funds operational costs of the potable treated water distribution system and capital expenditures for rehabilitation of the existing system. A service charge for the cost and maintenance of your water meter including reading of meter and issuing your monthly bill.
  2. Water Levy - variable water consumption charge: This charge is based on the amount of water used by you during the month. The variable components provide an incentive cor users to conserve (lower consumption = lower utility invoice). The water consumption is measured in cubic meters. One cubic meter (1m3) is equal to 1000 liters.
  3. Water Conveyance Levy - flat monthly rate: A service charge for maintaining the East Regional Waterline which brings potable water from Calgary to the Town.
  4. Sewer Levy - flat monthly rate & variable charge: The flat rate charge funds the operational costs of tertiary waste water treatment. The variable charge is the amount of waste water produced which is determined from the amount of water consumed.
  5. Garbage Levy - flat monthly rate: A charge for residential solid waste collection and heavy item garbage removal.


Meters Monthly Residential & Commercial Utility Rates
  January 1, 2017 January 1, 2018

Flat Water Maintenance Levy

5/8" x3/4" & 5/8"x1/2"
$7.18 $7.55

Water Conveyance Levy

$2.52 $2.65

Flat Sewer Maintenance Levy

& Storm Sewer Levy
$28.04 $32.58
Garbage Levy $17.05 $22.06
Total Monthly Maintenance Charge Remains the Same $54.79 $64.85
Variable Sewer Charge $1.76/m3 $1.85/m3
Variable Water Consumption
0-30 m3          $2.23/m3
Over 30m3      $2.28/m3
0-30 m3             $2.35/m3
Over 30m3      $2.40/m3
Bulk Water $5.00/m3 $5.25/m3

The Town of Strathmore "Fees, Rates, Charges and Penalties For Services Provided By The Municipality" Bylaw # 17-19 has been amended by Mayor & Council.

This amendment will include a need to increase the associated Utility Rates for 2018 as outlined in the above summary table.

These changes will come into effect for both Residential and the Commercial properties.  These changes come into effect January 1, 2018. These changes will be reflected on your December 15-January 2018 bill for Route A, and for Route B, it will affect your January 1-31, 2018 bill.

This increase has come as a result of The City Of Calgary increasing their water rates to the Town and increase in cost running the distribution system.

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