Subdivision Applications

Subdivision is the process of dividing land into smaller parcels or lots. You are also able to consolidate land through the same process. The Subdivision Authority (pursuant to Section 623 of the Municipal Government Act) is authorized to make decisions on applications for subdivision on behalf of the Town of Strathmore. For more information, please contact Development Services at 403-934-3133 (select phone menu option 2) or email us at

A subdivision application consists of the following information which must be submitted to the Town’s Planning & Development Department:

  1. The  Subdivision Application Form (original).
  2. A copy of the Certificate(s) of Title for the land being subdivided. These must be dated within 30 days of the date of submission of the application for subdivision.
  3. One copy of all utility right of way agreements, restrictive covenants, easements, joint access agreements and similar instruments registered against the Certificates of  Title. The location of any utility rights of way, joint access agreements and easements must be shown on the Tentative Plan of Subdivision.
  4. Three copies of the Tentative Plan of Subdivision (full-sized plans) and one reduced plan (.pdf) on 11' by 17" paper.
  5. A key plan showing the land to be subdivided as described in the Certificate(s) of Title. Please ensure that the key plan is large enough to be read easily. 
  6. The Application Fee.


  • On receipt of the application, the Subdivision Authority may require additional information to ensure a complete application (Section 4, Subdivision & Development Regulation).
  • If there are buildings on the lands that will remain following subdivision, these buildings must be shown either on the Tentative Plan of Subdivision or on accompanying information (e.g. Real Property Report).
  • All information submitted must be clear, legible, accurate, and complete.
  • Please submit applications and plans in sets folded to a size not exceeding 8½ by 14 in.
  • Prior to submitting an application, anyone proposing a subdivision may request a meeting with Planning & Development Staff. (403-934-3133 option 2)
  • Approval of a subdivision application enables the plan of subdivision and related materials to be registered in the Southern Alberta Land Titles Office.


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