The Town of Strathmore’s cemetery is located on the west side of Strathmore along Highway #1.

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Supervision and Control

The Cemetery Coordinator, or authorized representative shall be responsible for the selling of Burial Plots in the Cemetery. Burial rights in the Cemetery shall not be sold, transferred or disposed of in any way by any person without the written consent of the Cemetery Coordinator. No person shall further subdivide or alter any Block or Plot in any manner at variance with the subdivision plans on record in the Town Office. Persons shall have the option of reserving a Burial Plot at the set rate at the time of purchase. Burial rights in the Cemetery may be sold to the Town of Strathmore only for the identical amount the purchaser paid for the Plot, regardless of the date of the original purchase.

No person shall be buried in any Plot unless he is the registered owner of the Burial rights in the said Plot, received written consent from the owner or agent of the owner, or unless where the Plot is held by two or more persons, the surviving person or persons consent thereto in writing.

All applications for Burial must be made at least forty-eight (48) hours before the time of Burial.


Interments will not be conducted on Sundays or Statutory Holidays without the Cemetery Coordinator’s consent in writing. Maximum of two (2) Casket Burials per Plot shall be allowed in a single Burial Plot providing the first Burial is of sufficient depth to allow for a second Burial.

A Maximum of six (6) Cremation urns shall be allowed in a single Burial Plot in addition to one (1) Casket, with a maximum of one (1) Marker or Monument.


In the case of Disinterment, double the amount of the opening and closing charge will be charged. A written order from the owner of the Plot and a permit for the Disinterment or removal of a body must be provided to the Town prior to the Town disinterring a body.

Installation of Monuments & Markers

No person can erect a Monument tablet or Monument until the Town of Strathmore has approved the design and descriptions and a permit for the erection of such a Monument has been issued. Only one (1) Monument will be allowed on each Burial Plot. One (1) Marker, flush with the ground may be placed at each grave in addition to the Monument.

All Monuments must be installed on a concrete base and must be at least four (4) inches wider than the widest portion of the Monument and must be of sufficient strength and depth to properly support the Monument. The concrete base must be installed flush with the ground. Ownership of gravestones, grave Markers, and Monuments belongs to the estate of the deceased person(s).

Memorial Permit Application Form

Maintenance and Control

Lettered boards, enclosures or designs of any description designating graves, other than the standard materials available, will not be allowed without permission. In the interest of overall appearance of the Cemetery, no shrubs, trees or flowers may be planted in any part of the Cemetery other than those planted by the Cemetery caretakers or authorized representatives.

The Caretakers, or authorized representatives, shall have the authority to have removed from any grave any weeds, grass, funeral designs or floral pieces that have become wilted, or any other articles or things that in his/her opinion are unsightly. The Town of Strathmore is not responsible for the loss or damage to any flower holder or any portable object placed on any Plots.

No persons shall erect upon a grave Plot any cover, curbs, fences, railings, walls, copings, trellises, hedges, trees, or shrubs without a permit obtained from the Town of Strathmore.

If any trees, shrubs or the like situated in any Plot becomes inconvenient in any way, detrimental to adjacent Plots, dangerous, unsightly or objectionable, the Caretaker, or authorized representative, shall have the right to have the same removed, but in doing so, will leave the area in a safe, proper and neat condition.

Field of Honour

The Town of Strathmore maintains a Field of Honour Section for the Burial of service and ex-service men and women of the Armed Forces.  Appropriate identification will be required.  Grave Plots shall not be reserved in the Field of Honour.


The public may visit the Cemetery at any time between 8:30 am and sunset. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their good conduct and for seeing that they do not run over the graves and plots.

Cars and other vehicles shall be driven with care and shall be restricted to the driveways and the maximum speed limit of 25 km/hr. Persons within the Cemetery shall use only the walkways, and no one is permitted to walk upon or across plots, except Cemetery staff in the performance of their work. The Town expressly disclaims liability for any injuries sustained by anyone violating this rule.

No dogs or other animals shall be allowed.

No person shall, while in the Cemetery willfully destroy, mutilate, deface, injure, write upon or remove any Monument, Marker or other structure or object placed in the Cemetery, or any fence, railing or wood installed for protection or ornamentation.

 Q: Where is the Strathmore Cemetery located?
The Strathmore Cemetery is located in the community of Westmount at 616 Westridge Rd, Strathmore, AB T1P 1H8.
 Q: What are the hours of operation for the Strathmore Cemetery?
The public may visit the Cemetery at any time between 8:30 am and sunset. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their good conduct and for seeing that they do not run over the graves and plots. No dogs or other animals shall be allowed.

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