In the past few months, the Town of Strathmore has been working closely with both our internal team and outside partners to make sure our cemetery rules match the Cemeteries Act and follow the best practices found in many other communities. While a lot has changed in the 10 years since this bylaw was last reviewed, you’ll come to notice that a lot remains the same.

We understand that the Strathmore Cemetery is a meaningful and sacred place, serving as the resting place for nearly 2,000 individuals. That's why we've suggested some changes to improve how we manage it. Our goal is to make the Strathmore Cemetery even more inviting and well-kept for everyone.

You can view the 2014 bylaw (Cemetery Bylaw No. 14-16), here.
You can view the proposed bylaw (Cemetery Bylaw No. 23-31), here.

Sections of Cemetery Bylaw No. 14-16 that have been updated and are included in the proposed Cemetery Bylaw include:
6.1 The Town currently approves monuments and markers and issues a permit after review of the design and description.
7.1 Shrubs, trees or flowers cannot be planted anywhere in the cemetery except by authorized representatives of the Town of Strathmore.
7.2 The Town provides Endowment Care including seeding, re-seeding, cultivation, watering, seasonal cutting of grass and weeds and other work as authorized by authorized Town representatives to keep the cemetery in neat condition and in good appearance.
7.3 Authorized Town representatives can remove from any grave weeds, grass, funeral designs or floral pieces that have become wilted or any other articles or things that are deemed unsightly.
10.1 A purchaser of plots is permitted to choose the Section of the Cemetery but choice of the Grave Plot is not permitted. The next available Grave Plot will be used at the time of need.
11.1 The Public may visit the Cemetery between the hours of 8:30 am and sunset.


Sections that have been included in the proposed Cemetery Bylaw (currently awaiting third and final reading) that  either have significant changes or are new include:
6.14 In the case of an interment of an infant or child, the opening and closing fee will be that of a child as set in the fees bylaw. (Note: Previously, there was no differentiation between adults and children/infants. Distinguishing between adults and children is based on standardized casket sizes and will provide lower fees for children/infants being interred.)
8.3 a) All Monuments sitting on a full-size burial plot must not exceed a maximum height of three (3) feet, including the base, maximum depth of one (1) foot including the base and a maximum width of two and half (2.5) feet not including the base. In certain sections of the Cemetery where no ribbon or base is present the Cemetery Coordinator may approve alternate sizes. Where there is a ribbon or base present, all monuments will be placed upon this base or ribbon.

b) In the case where multiple cremated interments are placed within a full-size plot, one flat grave marker may be placed within the boundaries of the plot and must be level with the ground. (Note: the maximum width of a full sized burial plot is 2 and ½ feet. Previously, the maximum width was 2 feet 4 inches.)
8.11 Existing plots that do not meet current grave cover specifications will be grandfathered; however, if the plot requires repairs or removal of any grandfathered items deemed prohibited the authorized representative within this Bylaw will be required to meet current regulations.
9.1 The Town will act in a respectful manner when conducting all maintenance, planting, construction, and work in the Cemetery. No disrespect is intended to facilitate these activities.
9.2 The Town will be responsible for mitigating grave subsidence after a casket or cremation burial. Depending on site conditions, some plots may need to be topped up several times and can take up to one year to settle. Once the plot has stabilized seeding and establishment of the grass will occur.
9.4 Live flowers left at the time of interment will be left for a minimum of one week.
9.5 The Town of Strathmore will remove items subject to decomposition once visibly decomposed. Items that do not decompose but have become unsightly or on the list of items not allowed in the Cemetery will be removed without notice and held for a minimum of one month. After one month has passed the item will be disposed of.
9.6 The Town reserves the right to remove any items that are prohibited, that pose a safety hazard, become unsightly, impede maintenance operations, or pose a safety risk to visitors, authorized representatives, or staff without prior notice.
9.7 The Town will make every reasonable effort to keep records of items that have been removed from burial plots.
9.8 The Town of Strathmore is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
13.6 Grave decorations placed at the Cemetery shall be affixed to the monument.
13.11 Persons within the Cemetery shall use only the walkways, and no one is permitted to walk upon or across plots, except Cemetery staff in the performance of their work. The Town expressly disclaims liability for any injuries sustained by anyone violating this rule.
13.12 No person shall erect, construct, or place upon or around a plot or in any part of the Cemetery any bases, full or partial cement grave covers, curbs, fences, railings, walls, copings, coping stones, trellises, statues, benches, oversized decorations (crosses, large plaques etc.) glass objects (glass encased wreathes, stands, holders, vase, receptacles, jar, bottle, pot), ceramic objects, china, lawn ornaments, toys, metal objects, lights, permanent plantings, permanent structures or any other structures or objects that may pose a danger or safety hazard. (Note: This section has been updated from the current bylaw to include other items that are prohibited or may pose a safety hazard.)
13.13 Permanent in ground Cemetery vases that are made of granite, bronze or metal craft with coating are permitted to be affixed to or beside the flat grave marker at the head of the burial plot. The Town of Strathmore is not responsible for vases that become damaged due to temperature extremes, people, wildlife, or maintenance activities. Vases that are broken are considered a safety hazard and will be removed.
13.15 No person shall care for or cultivate any plot without the consent of the Cemetery Coordinator. (Note: Continued care of the plot is permitted by family and friends if consent is obtained from the Cemetery Coordinator.)
14.2 A person who is guilty of an offence is liable to a fine in an amount not less than that established in this section and not exceeding $10,000.00.

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