Block Party Program

Strathmore’s All Weather Get Togethers

What is a Block Party?

A block party is a community gathering meant to encourage positive relationships between neighbours. People on a single street or neighbourhood organize a weekend family gathering with activities, music, conversation, and food.  The Outdoor BBQ theme is very popular, but block parties come in all different themes and seasons. A winter wiener roast on a mild day is a great way to get everyone out of the house!

Why should you organize a block party in your neighbourhood?

Block Parties are a great way to meet your neighbours. A good block party can build community spirt and strengthen neighbourly bonds, creating a sense of belonging and connection to your community.  Knowing your neighbour also creates a sense of trust and security. Block parties can help build neighbourhood watch programs, community clean ups, carpooling and babysitting. Neighbours who know each other are more likely to help and watch out for each other. They welcome that small-Town feeling that we all love in Strathmore. Above all they’re just plain fun!

How do I Plan a Block Party?

Step 1:

Register your Block party with the Town of Strathmore. Click here to fill out our online registration form. Remember a good location is key. Whether it will be held in someone’s garage and driveway, a nearby park or a party tent remember to plan for the weather.  Some local road closures may be permitted however approvals are subject to safety, the neighbourhood, and advanced notice.

Step 2:

Once you have received permission from the Town for your block party, you may stop by the Town of Strathmore Municipal Building to pick up your block party kit.

Step 3:

Pick a date well in advance and drop off the initial save the dates to your community. Closer to the event delivery the block party invitations. Include your phone number on the invitation to consider requests from those interested in helping to plan food, activates set up and take down.

Step 4:

If you plan on gathering around a portable fire pit during your party, please remember that you must obtain a fire pit permit from the Strathmore Fire Department. Permit applications are available online at or call the Strathmore Fire Department at 403-934-3022.

Step 5:

Please remind your neighbours alcohol is only permitted on public property unless you purchase a liquor license from AGLC. For more information visit:


  • Block used must be occupied predominantly by owner/residents.
  • Block party time limits are 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Loud music is not prohibited
  • The permit holder must be present at the party until its conclusion
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Town streets and must be contained to private property.
  • No open fires are permitted on Town streets
  • Emergency access must be permitted and available at all times during the event. (e.g. Fire, ambulance or police vehicle or personnel)
  • Should there be any damages to Town property, the permit holder shall pay any repair or replacement costs and assume responsibility for the actions of participants.
  • Please report any no emergency problems or concerns to Municipal Enforcement 403-361-2112

Organization Tips

Ensure you have adequate cans for garbage and recyclables. 

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