Stormwater and Drainage

The Town manages the operations and maintenance of the stormwater drainage system and the construction of new infrastructure.
Storm drainage systems are the network of structures, channels and overland and underground infrastructure that carry stormwater to ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. The network consists of both public and private systems. Proper maintenance and control of the system will lessen overland flooding and damaging property during rain events and snow melting.
Visit Storm Ponds  to learn why they play an integral part in the drainage infrastructure and why most ponds are not used for recreational activity. 
Stormwater Drainage and Our Transportation Network

Municipal Roads and Sidewalks are an integral part of the stormwater drainage system. Engineered with a slight grade, one of their objectives is to collect stormwater on the surface and move it into the drainage system. Roads that do not have catch basins rely on their grade to move the flow of water to the drainage system. Preventing the flow of rainwater and snow melt hinders the natural drainage.

 Prevent flooding on public and private property
  • Do not shovel snow from sidewalks, parking pads/driveways and parking lots onto the roads
  • Report sidewalks that have not been shoveled
  • Clear catch basins and storm drains from snow, ice and debris
  • Create a channel towards the catch basin for melting snow to flow
  • Report catch basins and storm drains that are blocked with snow, ice and debris

Visit EPCOR's Stormwater Safety to learn about stormwater management facilities. 

 Overland Storm Drainage
Catch Basins

Catch basins, also called storm drains, are installed to receive, and direct the flow of storm water into the drainage system. A clogged catch basin, and missing or damaged grates can lead to flooding and street and property damage.

The Town's Operations department and our partners at EPCOR routinely check and clear catch basins as part of the regular winter and spring maintenance program.

Residents can help keep their communities from flooding by;

  • Catch it. Check to see if the grate is clear to drain snow, ice and rain runoff.
  • Clear it. Consider clearing it of ice and debris.
  • Call or Click it in. Report a catch basin that's frozen or in need of attention to / or use the Citizen's Communication Form at