Utilities Department

The Utilities Department distributes utility bills and collects payments for metered water and sewer, and garbage collection, and manages the installation of water meters for properties in the Town of Strathmore. 

See below for contact information and emergency numbers.

Visit the following pages to find more information on Strathmore Utilities;
For Sewer Blockages and Water Line Issues visit;
For Garbage Collection and Cart Maintenance Inquiries, visit
Sewer, Water and General Inquires
Waste Collection Services
Contact Information and Emergency Numbers

Utility billing, connection and disconnection, water meters, and the bulk water fill station account inquiries can be addressed by our Utility Department; 403-361-2101 / utilities@strathmore.ca

 Emergency Numbers


ATCO Gas 1.800.511.3447 Report a gas leak online | Self Service | ATCO
Water or Sewer EPCOR 403.934.9440 Contact Us - Strathmore, Alberta (epcor.com)
Power FORTIS   310.WIRE (9473) Outage Map | FortisAlberta
Underground Utility Locates Utility Safety Partners 1.800.242.3447 Utility Safety Partners
Public Works, after hours Strathmore 403.361.2137  
Municipal Enforcement Strathmore 403.361.2112  
Fire Strathmore 911 / 403.934.3022  
RCMP Strathmore 911 / 403.934.3535  


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