Approvals and Permits

Excavation permits, crossing agreements, utility line assignments, and road and lane closure approvals are necessary to ensure that safe and the intended work is completed on the Town's right of ways.
Municipal Right of Way Works and Excavation Permit Road, Lane and Parking Closure Approvals

Application to perform work in, excavate, and access municipal right-of-way.

Temporarily close a Town-owned road, traffic lane, and parking lot for construction and special events.

Certificate of Insurance, Engineering Drawings, and Applicable Fees may be required for approvals.

Shallow Utility Approvals

Guidance for natural gas, electricity, cable TV, broadband, and telephone distributors to connect to and relocate existing lines.

 Looking for information or requesting a;

  • Crossing Agreements, including the East Calgary Regional Waterline (ECRW)
  • Shallow Utility Letter of Intent
  • Utility Line Assignment

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