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Connecting volunteers with opportunities and organizations with resources. 

The Volunteer Connector website connects volunteers with community events, activities and organizations that require their services. Access the website here. 

Browse Volunteer Opportunities

How it Works:


  • Create your volunteer login
  • Search opportunities by interest, activity and location
  • Browse your opportunities! 


  • Create your organization profile
  • Post your available opportunities
  • Start matching with Volunteers!

Create your organization's profile here!  

Why Volunteer? 

Every year, more than 1.6 million Albertans provide more than 262 million volunteer hours to support their neighbours, non-profit organizations, and communities. (Alberta.ca)

When you choose to volunteer...

  • You're helping others
  • You're uplifting your community
  • You'll feel good! 

Volunteers feel a deeper connection with their communities.

Volunteering is also a great way to gain experience and become involved in your areas of interest. 

 Let us Help!

The Strathmore FCSS is here to help you! If you need assistance signing up for the Volunteer Connector or want to learn more about how the Volunteer Connector can help you, call 403-934-9090 to speak with a Coordinator, or make an in-person appointment. 

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               Interested in making a positive impact by                                                   volunteering on a Board or Committee?

                         Check out Council Boards and Committee information here. 

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