Heavy Item Garbage

Heavy Item Garbage (HIG) collection offers residents the opportunity to dispose of large residential waste. It is a service provided in conjunction with your curbside waste collection service. 

If you pay the residential garbage charge on your Town of Strathmore utility bill the HIG service is available to you.

Visit Waste Collection Services for current collection dates.

Get the most out of HIG Collection by following some of these Do's and Don't:
Do Don't
  • Affix items with a HIG sticker
  • Place items out for collection by 7:00 am Monday the week of HIG collection.
  • Place items at least 1m (3.3ft) away from objects to the rear or side and 3m (9.8ft) from above.
  • Place items so the HIG sticker is visible from the road or alley.
  • Nestle HIG items between objects such as carts and vehicles. 
  • Obstruct the street, sidewalk, or alley with HIG items.
  • Place items heavier than 70kg (154lbs).
  • Place items longer than 1.24m (4ft).
  • Leave more than 5 items per collection for pickup. 
  • Wait until the week of HIG collection to pick up tags.
HIG Tags 
All HIG items must be tagged as the tags let our waste services operators know what can be collected and disposed of. Tags are available at the Municipal Building, 1 Parklane Drive.  There is no fee associated with the tags.