Road Reports

Picture of a freshly paved road with a cross walk painted on it, There are orange pylons on either side of the crosswalk. Text overlay: Strathmore Road reports, plan your route and arrive safely.

Find out about traffic pattern changes before they impact you. 

Temporary road closures can be caused by construction projects and special events. Check the affected area, dates and details so you'll know about traffic pattern changes that may impact your travel.

Road reports are subject to change without notice and are weather dependent. Always follow traffic signs and signals and obey barriers and flaggers.

For road reports outside of Strathmore visit:
Temporary road closure information can be found here


4 Avenue, between 2 Street and 3 Street

March 5

Road Closure - a crane will be utilizing the road to lift equipment onto the roof at 221 4 Avenue.

Barricades and signs will be in place to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


85 Lakeside Blvd

February 21

Lane Closure - ensure the safe off loading of equipment at Lambert Centre.


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