Green Cart Program

Environment Canada has identified organic waste material as making up about 40% of residential waste. The more waste we put in our landfills, the more we contribute to the release of greenhouse gasses and pollution that can leak into ecosystems - harming plants and animals. 

You can help reduce the amount of waste that is sent to our landfills by compositing. Organic materials such as kitchen scraps, and back yard debris contain essential plant nutrients that can be easily recycled through composting for use as fertilizer and soil amendment – keeping reusable material out of our landfills.

Composting is done by keeping organic material out of your everyday garbage - piling up organic waste, and then maintaining that pile while micro and macro organisms break down what is inside. The Organic material can be utilized as a soil amendment for agriculture, landscaping and horticultural applications as compost improves soils compositions when used.

Strathmore’s Curbside Organics Collection

The Town of Strathmore is introducing a Green Cart Program to collect food scraps, pet waste, and yard clippings. This material will be composted, and turned into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

Green Carts will be delivered to your curbside the end of May. Look inside your Green Cart to find a detailed information package, including:

• An updated collection calendar

• A list of acceptable materials

• Instruction for cart placement

• Ideas for keeping your green cart clean

• A new kitchen catcher

• Compostable Bags

• And more

The collection program for Green Carts will commence June 4, 2018. Please remember not to leave your green cart on the curb after collection is complete.

 Click HERE to view our Green Carts - HOW TO VIDEO 

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