Development Applications Permits and Checklists

Strathmore’s Infrastructure, Operations and Development Services Department is responsible for processing applications for development, building, electrical permits, plumbing permits, gas permits, and more.  The Town is currently updating our application forms to make doing business easier and better for customers and staff. Click here for the 2019 Business License Application Form.

To better understand the components of a new development or business, please consider the following factors:

  • Book a meeting with the Town of Strathmore's Development Services.
  • Does the site have the appropriate land use for the proposed use? If not, a Land Use Amendment Application will be required.
  • A Development Permit will be required if and once the site has appropriate land use. Click here for a Development Permit Application.
  • How long will it take? Here's the timeline for Land Use Amendments and Development Permit Approvals.
  • A building permit must be approved after receiving a development permit.  
  • All Alberta building code requirements must be met to accommodate the proposed use. 
  • Contact the Town Safety Code Officer to understand potential building code improvements that may be required to ensure your approval.

Please submit applications in person at the Town Hall (680 Westchester Road, Strathmore AB) or you may send applications in electronically via email to

Development Permit Applications 

Infrastructure and Development Services require applications for most Development Permits.  Please select the appropriate  application listed below.

For Existing Buildings

For New Constructions

Developers, Please see the charts below for a better understanding of the foliage required for areas of development within the Town of Strathmore

Click here to see the Eligible Tree and Shrub Brochure for Strathmore

Building and Utility Permit Applications