UPDATE: Taxi Companies Operating in Strathmore Illegally

All existing taxi companies in Strathmore are operating illegally. Taxi companies are in non- compliance with Bylaw 16-14.

Taxis companies operating without the required permits have been ticketed multiple times.  Continued operations have resulted in formal legal action against the companies. 

Under the Municipal Government Act, the Town of Strathmore has the power to maintain responsible service for safe public and private transportation. It is the responsibility of private companies to ensure compliance with all town bylaws and provincial laws.

Currently, local taxi companies are displaying illegal decals and operating in non -compliance with vehicle safety regulations, driver regulations and business licensing obligations.

Taxi companies are a private enterprise; however, the Town of Strathmore is responsible for ensuring public safety as it relates to all public transportation.  It is acknowledged that there may be an interruption of service due to non-compliance from local taxi companies.

Any interested parties may contact the town for information on providing taxi, delivery, or ride sharing services for Strathmore residents. The Town will work with any local and area taxi companies, who will comply with the taxi bylaw. This also opens an opportunity for new businesses to emerge. 

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Date Updated: March 23, 2018 - 12:40 AM