Street Sweeping Schedule

Each year, the Town of Strathmore  sweeps up tonnes of sand and debris from hundreds kilometers of Town roads. This helps to prevent that material from being washed into our storm drain system and keeps our roads and pathways clean. Take a look at this month's schedule:

April 8: Cambridge Glen Area including: Maple Leaf Road, Maplewood Estates, Maplewood Green, Maple Place, Maple Ridge Estates, Madison Court.

April 9: Maple Green, Maple Grove Crescent, Maple Green Way, Maple Tree Way, Brentwood Drive East, Maplewood Drive. Including Green Meadows area and Grande point Estates.

April 10:  Parkwood Area, Center Street, Centennial Drive.

April 11 - 12:  Hillview Area

April 15:  Aspen, Parklane Drive,  Edgefield Area

April 16:  The Ranch, Archie Klaiber Trail, George Freeman Trail. Center Street south of Parklane Drive, Ridge Road.

April 17:  Westmount Area

April 18:  Strathmore Lakes Way, Strathmore Lakes Crescent, Wellington Cove, Westchester Rd., Westlake Rd., WestLake Close, Westlake Bay, Westlake Glen.

April 23: Strathmore Lakes Bend, Strathmore lakes Common, Strathmore lakes Place, Strathmore Lakes Estate Circle. Westmount Road, Westmount Drive.

April 24: Wildflower and Wildrose Areas, Wild flower road, west Ridge Road.

April 25:  Glenwood and Orchard Park

April 26 - 30: Town Facility parking lots.

Note: The street sweeping schedule may change. Please follow on-street signage. Any vehicle not removed during a sweeping ban is subject to ticketing and/or towing during the dates and times on posted signage. If the information here differs from on-street signage, the posted signage prevails.

Date Updated: April 8, 2019 - 9:16 AM