Nathan Haase Memorial Park Notice

The Town of Strathmore is continuing the upgrades in Nathan Haase Memorial Park! Irrigation, new sod and other improvements will be made. Work is weather dependent and will commence June 10 and will continue until July 31. During work, portions of the Park may be inaccessible or restricted.

“The Town of Strathmore is excited to be doing improvements to the baseball field and soccer field at Hillview as part of a “Legacy Project”. Council voted to accept their generous offer and have named this area after Nathan Haase. Nathan grew up in Strathmore and was a very fine young man who died tragically in a work accident. He was also a well respected volunteer firefighter for Strathmore, and through that, was often involved in volunteering.” 

  • Mayor Pat Fule

The Scope of work for the project may include, but isn't limited to:

Baseball Diamond

  • Extent outfield inwards 3m
    • Removal of shale
    • Regrading
    • Smoothing
    • Sod
  • Regrade remaining outfield
    • Strip off grass
    • Smoothing
    • Layer of top soil
    • Sod
  • Irrigation Installation

Soccer Field

  • Regrade entire field (U10/12)
    • Roll out bumps
    • Slight crown in middle
      • Soccer standards (9”-16” depending on field width)
  • Regrade entire field (U8)
    • Currently the south end sits lower
    • Roll out bumps
  • Removal and replacement of the U8 soccer field posts to line them up
    • Currently not lined up
  • Irrigate entire field
    • Strip off grass
    • Layer of topsoil
    • Sod
  • Chain-link fence behind the soccer poles adjacent to backyards (south side)

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Questions or concerns about the project? Fill out a Citizens Communication Form.

Date Updated: June 7, 2019 - 1:16 PM