George Freeman Trail Crossing Construction

Work on George Freeman Crossing is schedule to begin April 29th! An alternative route will be in place for approximately four weeks while crews pave the crossing and finish work.  The finished crossing will include walking path, and one lane in each direction with a guardrail on either side.

Construction will require the detours to be put back into place and will affect vehicle traffic. Pedestrian traffic can still use the pathways and the crossing over the canal into Aspen Creek. All dates are weather dependent and may be affected by inclement weather. 

Click here to see a map of the detour


Will there be a pedestrian path on the new crossing?

Yes! The new crossing includes a 2.5m wide asphalt path across it. A curb face will separate from the bridge

How wide will the crossing be?

After completion, the new George Freeman Crossing will be a double lane bridge, one lane in each direction with a guardrail on either side

Why is construction going on at this time in the year?

The work on this old bridge structure requires that no water be flowing through the Western Irrigation District’s canal. The canal system operates seasonally until the first week of October, which means work can only start then. For that reason we have to get in, demolish the existing crossing, build the new one and then re-construct the road very late in the normal construction season. We expect that final earthwork, clean-up and road paving will extend into the spring as those activities cannot be done in the winter. We need everything completed before the canal opens up again in the spring of 2019.

When will construction be done?

The Town’s contractor is current planning final completion of the project in late May of 2019, for the reasons noted above. This will of course be weather dependent and we hope, with good weather, to beat this projected schedule. The road will be opened to traffic before winter shut down in late November but will be closed again for approximately a week in the spring to complete final layers of asphalt pavement.

Date Updated: May 3, 2019 - 12:06 PM