George Freeman Trail Bridge Construction

The first phase of construction has been completed! A temporary surface has been implemented and 30 km/hr speed limit introduced. Maintenance is ongoing with more repair to be done in warmer temperatures.  In the coming weeks, we ask you to travel carefully around the bridge as workers begin to continue their work, moving trailers in and finding utility locates in the area. Please note that the adjacent gravel pathway may also be closed and some areas fenced off making some paths inaccessible. Those traveling to George Freeman School or the Strathmore Motor Products Sports Centre via the path system may use the connecting bridge near Aspen Creek Crescent to reach their destination, as the bridge closure will also extend to pedestrians.

Bridge and road paving in November may be problematic, depending on conditions, and may result in a gravel surface until the spring. Cold temperatures can affect asphalt paving compaction and longevity so may need to be deferred to spring to ensure the Town receives a quality product. Conditions will be assessed once the bridge is ready to be paved and be determined based on these factors.

All dates are weather dependent and may be affected by inclement weather. 

Project Update

Current Status

Temporary gravel road surface spanning the upgraded culvert canal crossing has been implemented. Jersey barriers have been used to delineate the road edge over the crossing.  No weight restrictions have been implemented but a 30km/hr speed limited has been put in place. Please note that pedestrians will not have access to the current crossing. Pedestrians must use the current path system and the Aspen Creek Bridge to navigate the area. Fences will also stay in place during the winter months.

Next Steps

The detour will be reinstated in the spring of 2019 to allow for the final road structure to be prepared and paved as well as adjacent landscaping. Work will take approximately 1 month with dates to be confirmed in 2019.

Project Scope

The scope of work for this project includes removal of the existing bridge, placement of culverts and backfilling, rip rap armor , installation of the bridge rail and other work. Traffic accommodation and signage will be properly placed to ensure safety for both residents and workers. A detour will also be placed and properly signed.  Crews will also landscape the existing approach and shape the embankment. 


Will there be a pedestrian path on the new bridge?

Yes! The new bridge include a 2.5m wide asphalt path across it. A curb face will separate from the bridge

How wide will the bridge be?

After completion, the new George Freeman Bridge will be a double lane bridge, one lane in each direction with a guardrail on either side

Why is construction going on at this time in the year?

The work on this old bridge structure requires that no water be flowing through the Western Irrigation District’s canal. The canal system operates seasonally until the first week of October, which means work can only start then. For that reason we have to get in, demolish the existing bridge, build the new one and then re-construct the road very late in the normal construction season. We expect that final earthwork, clean-up and road paving will extend into the spring as those activities cannot be done in the winter. We need everything completed before the canal opens up again in the spring of 2019.

When will construction be done?

The Town’s contractor is current planning final completion of the project in late May of 2019, for the reasons noted above. This will of course be weather dependent and we hope, with good weather, to beat this projected schedule. The road will be opened to traffic before winter shut down in late November but will be closed again for approximately a week in the spring to complete final layers of asphalt pavement.

Date Updated: February 7, 2019 - 9:09 AM