Community Vitalization Project

 The Town of Strathmore has embarked on the next phase for enhancing an integral part of the community’s history and culture -- Kinsmen Park.

The Town’s 2016 Kinsmen Park Public Engagement Report identified the need for improvements to ball diamonds and trail systems as well as the general beautification of the area. Features such as change rooms and washrooms are some of the ideas being considered.

“Kinsmen Park is a hub for many community events and gatherings that bring our community together. Council is committed to investing in projects that increase the health, accessibility and attractiveness of Strathmore and we’re excited to see this with the planned improvements in Kinsmen Park,” says Mayor Pat Fule.

In 2017, as part of the Canada 150 slate of projects, the Park saw upgrades to the playground, making it more accessible to persons with disabilities, a new Community Pavilion creating a space for event gatherings, and beautification to the area with lighting, freshly painted benches and greenery. Details about the next phase of improvements is planned for the fall of 2018.

In addition to the Kinsmen Park improvements, discussions are underway for building a new Town Hall. The current location is at capacity and as with other older, overcrowded buildings, health and safety issues have arisen. The need for a new space is required to address these issues, allow for expansion and provide “one stop” services to residents and businesses as Strathmore grows.

A potential location being discussed is the parking lot at the North end of Kinsmen Park.

“Much more discussion and public engagement is required before finalizing details for the new Town Hall space. This includes input from community partners like the Kinsmen Club, residents and user groups,” added Mayor Fule. “Funding for this project will be a combination of grant funds and borrowing that was approved as part of the 2017 capital budget.  It was the ideal combination of available resources, low financing rates, and good timing to complete the much-needed work. The projects are also consistent with Council’s ‘2018 Long Term Financial Plan’.”

More details about the Kinsmen Park improvements and Town Hall space will be available in the coming months.

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Q:     Why is the Town considering building a new space vs. renovating the current office space or purchasing an existing building?

A:     Detailed environmental and engineering assessments were conducted to determine if the current space could be renovated to alleviate the health and safety issues and accommodate growth. The results indicated that it was not cost effective to upgrade and renovate the space.Regarding purchasing and renovating existing buildings, this was also investigated, and it was felt that it was also not cost effective to renovate each space and it would not be efficient for residents and businesses to conduct Town business if they are required to visit multiple locations. A ‘one-stop shop’ was deemed the best solution going forward. A new building will also allow for enhanced accessibility for people with disabilities.  

Q:     Why is the location of the Municipal Building in Kinsmen Park?

A:      Kinsmen Park is a hub of the community and located in Strathmore’s vibrant downtown area. Ensuring residents and businesses can access the Town’s services in a central location is important to ensuring the efficient delivery of services. The Municipal Building will become an integral part of the revitalization and enhancement of Downtown Strathmore.

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