Bylaws Under Review

Proposed Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Land Use Bylaw 

In accordance with upcoming federal legalization of marijuana, an amendment has been suggested by Town Admin to the Land Use Bylaw. Amending the bylaw would allow for prospective cannabis retailers to move forward with their plans after receiving the proper permits and licensing. In addition, the amendment would provide a definition of Cannabis Store, which is not included in the bylaw. 

Read the RFD here - RFD Staff Report 18-08 Amendment 1 Reading 

Read the proposed amendment here - Bylaw 18-08 Textual Amendment - Cannabis Store

The Public Hearing (along with Second and Third Reading) are proposed for September 2018

Slater Road Land Use Redesignation - Land Use Bylaw 

An application has been submitted for a land use re-designation for 82 and 86 Slater Road to allow for a Development Permit application to be considered for a salvage yard (for an auto body & paint shop and parts salvaging business). Both parcels are currently designated M1 – Light Industrial District and are located within Strathmore’s industrial area, south of Highway No. 1.

Read the proposed amendment and RFD here - Bylaw 18-11 Amendment + RFD Package

Lakewood Meadow - Land Use Bylaw 

Devmore Developments Inc. has submitted an application for a land use re-designation in Lakewood Meadows. The proposed land use configuration for the plan area is intended to coincide with the proposed Lakewood Meadows Area Structure Plan amendment, Bylaw 18-13, which proposes a swimmable, private, recreational lake in the middle of the neighbourhood. The 11 acre parcel (designated in 2016) and Phase 1 of Lakewood Meadows are not being amended and are proposed to remain the same land use designation.

Read the proposed amendment and RFD here - Bylaw 18-14 Amendment + RFD Package

Read the  proposed amendment and RFD here - Bylaw 18-13 Amendment + RFD Package

Date Updated: July 19, 2018 - 10:40 AM