Strathmore Aquatic Centre

COVID-19 Facility Regulations

Aquatic recreation, fitness and fun.

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The Aquatic Centre is a full service facility open to residents, their families and friends. It offers a healthy environment for aquatic recreation, fitness and fun. Swimming classes, led by qualified instructors, are offered year round.

The Centennial Aquatic Centre opened its doors on October 21, 2002 with to tremendous support from the community. The main pool is a 6-lane, 25-meter swimming pool with a diving board and a climbing wall. After much anticipation the new phase of the Aquatic Centre opened in January 2011! The facility now includes a leisure pool for children, a hot tub, a waterslide and a multi-purpose room.

The Town of Strathmore strives to provide affordable, accessible recreational opportunities to all residents. Fees are set based on industry standards and community feedback and are reviewed by council on an annual basis.

Facility Pass Holders

Facility pass holders must present a valid pass card at the front desk prior to entering the facility. If a pass holder does not have a valid card, a new card or drop-in admission can be purchased to access the facility.

All change room lockers require patrons to bring their own lock. Please make sure personal items are locked up when swimming, or taken with you out onto the pool deck. 

Also, please make sure all locks are removed once finished, they cannot be left overnight. Any locks left on overnight will be removed. The Strathmore Aquatic Centre will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

For your safety and the safety of others, the Strathmore Aquatic Centre would like to remind its patrons that if you and/or your child are not feeling well to please stay home and rest. Fecal and vomit contamination in the water requires the closure of the pool basins, alterations to the swim programs, and can become costly. Please swim only if you are feeling healthy. Thank you.

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