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Think you can beat everyone with your Parks Madness picks? Get your bracket set for the 2021 Parks Madness Tournament.

Strathmore's Parks Department strives to provide parks, open spaces and pathways that enrich the leisure needs and quality of life for citizens. Our community has many playgrounds, each offering it's own unique opportunities for creative fun - but which one is the BEST? To celebrate Parks and Recreation Month, we're looking for your help with determining  the G.O.A.T (Greatest of all Time) Park.

Fill out the online brackets form and pick the playgrounds you think will win in the first round of matchups. This will give you a new set of matchups in the next set of brackets. Continue choosing the playgrounds you think will win  until the form is complete.

Bracket Form

Once your bracket form is complete email it to: or direct message us on Facebook. Bracket forms must be submitted by 12pm on June 9th to be entered to win.

Playgrounds will be facing off through a series of Facebook polls throughout June - the winner of each poll matchup will move forward. The bracket form with the most correct guesses will be the winner (a draw will be made in the event of a tie)!

Good luck and let the best park win! 

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