Outdoor Facilities

A little something for everyone.

The Town of Strathmore strives to provide the community with a variety of outdoor facilities to meet every interest, sport and recreational need. In 2015 three outstanding outdoor recreation facilities were added to our community with the support or our amazing community partners. Firstly, the Lions Regional Outdoor Rink was built with support from the Strathmore Lions Club, who have always been actively involved in outdoor recreation development. The Disc Golf Course, was a project led by the Strathmore Assembly of Youth and built with support from the local business community. And finally, the Bocce Courts were built by as a legacy from the Strathmore 2015 Alberta 55+ Summer Games. Pickleball lines were also added to the outdoor tennis courts following the 55+ Summer Games and nets can be rented out from Wheatland Elementary School.

Get Out and Get Active.

All outdoor recreational facilities are first come first serve and users are encouraged to share the space, showing respect for all and making room for users of all ages and abilities to recreate their own way. Some facilities have user rules and regulations, all which are posted onsite, please respect the regulations and the facilities. Any damage, graffiti, or vandalism can be reported to the Town Parks Department at 403-934-3133 or parks@strathmore.ca.

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