9pm Routine

photo of a house at dusk with the lights on, txt overlay: Prevent crimes of opportunity #9pm routine

The Alberta RCMP have developed a routine checklist that you can follow to prevent crimes of opportunity. The #9PMRoutine is a movement that is supported by police forces across the world. People are encouraged to follow a routine checklist every night to double check their property is locked up and safe. Property crimes are often crimes of opportunity and important details like locking doors and turning on lights can deter criminals.

Follow this checklist every evening before you go to bed to protect your property:

  • Turn on outside lights at night
  • Lock your doors
  • Put away toys and bikes in a locked, safe location
  • Put away tools when you're finished with them
  • Put away outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers and weed trimmers
  • Lock up off-highway vehicles (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.)
  • Double check vehicles are locked and keys are removed
  • Double check that your garage, shed, or storage doors are closed and locked
  • Set your home alarm (if you have one)

Download a printable checklist here

Join the movement by using #9PMRoutine and following our social media accounts on Twitter (@RCMPAlberta) and Facebook (@RCMPinAlberta). Learn more at https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/news/2019/alberta-rcmp-sends-nightly-notifications-9-pm

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