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This is your chance to have a positive impact in your community by volunteering for a Council Committee, Board or Focus Group. You can help contribute to Council’s decision making processes. The Town of Strathmore is looking for: individuals with a desire to give back to the community; individuals with specific expertise relevant to the qualifications of the specific board, focus or committee; individuals interested in the legislative process;
individuals with time available to commit to membership. 

Sustainability Committee Application

The Sustainability Committee shall be comprised of seven (9) members made up from the following:

• Seven (7) Public Member

• Two (2) Council Members (Non-Voting Members)

• Two (2) Town of Strathmore Staff Members shall provide support to the committee.

What we do

To monitor, evaluate and advise on the implementation of a “Connecting to Our Future” process, involving the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan endorsed by Council.  This will include on-going consideration of matters related to community sustainability with respect to environmental, economic, social and cultural factors.  The Committee will coordinate community-wide efforts aimed at fostering the Town of Strathmore’s sustainability initiatives.


One (1) year, maximum four (4) consecutive years.

Eligibility Criteria - members

Public members should be:

  • residents or Business Owners within the Town of Strathmore,
  • at least 18 years of age
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have knowledge in environmental issues


In addition to the above, preference will be given to applicants who:

  • have experience chairing a committee or board meeting;
  • have understanding of the Town of Strathmore Procedure Bylaw;
  • demonstrate strong time management skills; and
  • have previous experience with public engagement
  • have knowledge and experience in environmental matters

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The Committee meets on the third Monday of each month at 4:30 pm (the Committee does not meet in July or August).

Current Members

  • Mr. Colin Huxted
  • Ms. Christine Huxted
  • Ms. Treacy Oksana
  • Ms. Carlee McIsaac
  • Mr. Rob Pirie
  • Ms. Tricia Green
  • Mr. Adam Stone
  • Ms. Surindee Morgan

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