2021 Municipal Election Results

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 The Town of Strathmore 2021 Municipal Election took place on October 18, 2021. Official results from the Town of Strathmore indicate 3,632 residents cast a ballot. 1,461 advance votes were cast, or 40.3% of total. The number of voters increased 11.4% in 2021 compared to the 2017 Municipal Election. 3,259 votes were cast in 2017. 

Kara Rusk, Returning Officer for the Town of Strathmore:

“Thank you to all the voters for taking part in the 2021 Municipal Election. We developed new safety measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19, and we also worked to engage more voters in our community." 

“Our democracy depends on citizens stepping forward to run for office. Strathmore is fortunate that seventeen individuals volunteered their time to engage with voters and share their visions for the community. Thank you to each candidate for running in this year’s election.”

“A fair and transparent election depends on a professional, capable election team. I’m grateful to the workers who helped to make this a successful election.”

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Office of the Mayor

  • Patrick Fule votes: 2019 (Elected)
  • Jason Hollingsworth votes: 994
  • Lorraine Bauer votes: 486
  • Jason Chase votes: 95

Office of Councillor

  • Denise Peterson votes: 1672 (Elected)
  • Melissa Langmaid votes: 1671 (Elected)
  • Jason Montgomery votes: 1544 (Elected)
  • Debbie Mitzner votes: 1536 (Elected)
  • Brent Wiley votes: 1527 (Elected)
  • Richard Wegener votes: 1502 (Elected)
  • John Hilton-O’Brien votes: 1373
  • Jacy Rapke votes: 1308
  • Ken Kuenzl votes: 1297
  • Nicole Gibbons votes: 1103
  • Brian Cunningham votes: 961
  • Craig Vandenberg votes: 941
  • Kevin Reynolds votes: 604

Contact information for each candidate is available here

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