Water Conservation & Sustainability

Water Conservation

The Town of Strathmore is devoted to supporting conservation efforts to protect our water supply. Balancing a growing population with our own decisions, programs, and actions, we continue to manage our resources wisely so residents can trust on their water system for decades to come.

Water Management and Plans

Whether we’re dealing with a small drought or flooded by rain, water conservation is always top of mind. The Town of Strathmore and EPCOR have ensured best practices are followed when it comes to water conservation.

Rain Barrels

The Town’s rain barrel program hopes to save water! Garden and lawn watering can make up a substantial portion of total household water use during the summer months, even in Alberta. Utilizing rain barrels allows home owners to collect water from their rooftop runoff and effectively store it for when you need it most, during the hot summer months. Rainwater collection and its reuse is not only a financial benefit to home owners but also for the environment. Stored water would otherwise run off into the storm sewers where the environmental benefit could be minimal. This run off water can be safe to use when watering plants, flower pots, gardens, trees, lawns or cleaning your walk ways. The Town of Strathmore is selling rain barrels to promote water conservation.  Citizens can purchase rain barrels for $45.00 plus tax from the Town office.

Bylaw 14-22, adopted on January 21, 2015, requires that at least one rain barrel with a minimum capacity of 220 liters must be provided for new residential developments on lots created after January 1, 2015. Rain barrels need to be shown on the site plan submitted with the development permit. Downspouts must be connected to the rain barrel and, in some cases, the Approving Authority may require one rain barrel for each downspout from a building to manage surface drainage. For any questions please contact Planning and Development.

Water Bylaw 12-07

The Town of Strathmore’s Water Utility bylaw provides a baseline and standard for anyone who interacts with Strathmore’s water utility. The bylaw details items such as:

  • Administration
  • Payment of rates, charges and fees
  • Access to property
  • Services and mains
  • Meters and remote readers
  • Subsidiary meters
  • Service piping for fire protection
  • Private fire hydrant maintenance
  • Bulk water supply
  • Controlling Cross connections
  • Shut-off
  • Conservation
  • Unauthorized use of water
  • Penalties
  • Enforcement
  • General provisions
  • Severability

As outlined in the bylaw, no person shall allow water to run in a wasteful manner. Plumbing companies and permits involving the installation of toilets and showerheads must meet all town specifications to be approved and reduce waste water. All indoor faucets must also come with a tap aerator. 

Outdoor Watering Conservation

(Effective May 1st through to October 31st every year)

Water anytime outside the hours of 10am to 5pm every day.

Flowerbeds, Trees and Vegetable Gardens

May be watered by hand anytime, using a watering can or hose with a nozzle with a trigger shut off to restrict water flow.

Sprinklers & Water Toys

May be used for recreational purposes by children as long as the children are present during use.

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