Summer Camp

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Sunscreen Policy

Staff do not apply sunscreen to campers due to safety concerns. We do however take 2-3 breaks during
the day to allow everyone to re-apply sun screen while staff monitor, to be sure all the hard spots are
covered. We suggest sending an extra t-shirt on days when we are in the water all day. Check expiry
date on sunscreen bottle.

Camper-Staff Ratios

DAY CAMPS: To best serve all of our members, participants will be placed in pre-determined groups
based on their age. Each group of campers will have a minimum of one adult supervisor as their direct
group leaders. The entire camp will still participate together in most activities. This format will help ensure
more individual attention to each child.

Behavior Policy

For the safety and enjoyment of all participants during our summer camps, the following behavior policy
will be implemented.

Behavior deemed unsafe and/or inappropriate to the individual or those around them will NOT be tolerated and brought forth to parents/guardians for positive resolution.

Continued extreme behavior may result in the youth being unable to attend for the remainder of the program. Prior to further program registrations being explored, a collaborative meeting with parents is encouraged to determine what supports may be put into place to ensure the youth’s success.

NO refund will be issued if a child is removed from program due to behavioral issues.  The youth will still remain eligible to register in upcoming club activities.

Cell Phones

Please do not send cell phones with your child for use during program times. If you need to contact your
child on extended trips for emergency purposes, please call the On-Call phone (the number will be
provided at the beginning of the camp). If your child wishes to call home and a phone is accessible (which
is not guaranteed), they will be allowed to do so if the problem is deemed important.

The Club takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items while at our camps.

Nut Awareness

As a nut aware organization, please support is in being vigilant by reading food labels and sending nut
free snacks and lunches with your child. This policy is for the safety of all our participants.

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