Stormwater Management Cooperative

"There is a large tract of land spanning the Eastern edge of the City of Calgary, the Town of Strathmore and Rocky View County where there are limited natural drainage courses to effectively transfer stormwater. Ongoing development in these communities, which are adjacent to and surrounding the Western Irrigation District (WID) irrigation system, has been accelerating stormwater management challenges in the area. This includes creating ongoing maintenance and water quality challenges for the WID and limiting the available options for new developers to safely move runoff away from their properties." (Alberta WaterPortal Society)

Working with the City of Calgary, Rocky View County and the Western Irrigation District (WID), the Town of Strathmore shares a responsibility for the system’s current challenges. "The incorporation of the Stormwater Management Cooperative (CSMI) in early December 2020 marks the formal establishment of an innovative and collaborative approach for regional protection against the impacts of severe weather in southern Alberta." (Water Smart Solutions)

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