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A medical professional helping a senior with paperwork.

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is a holistic, wrap-around approach to healthcare that bridges the gap between medical and social care services. Through this approach, healthcare professionals refer patients to community-based programs to improve their health and enhance their quality of life. If a healthcare professional notices that a patient has non-medical, health-related social needs, they can make a social prescription to a Link Worker.

Link Workers are non-clinical professionals employed by community-based, seniors-serving organizations. They help clients to develop and achieve a personalized set of goals by accessing community resources. Link Workers do not replace the role of healthcare providers. Rather, they complement a client’s medical care by providing additional support. Typically, this is not just a single referral but a supportive, wrap-around approach of service connection to support the full development of the individual, with their active participation and collaboration in the process. Link Workers connect clients to recreational and social programs, assist with accessing financial benefits and provide referrals to assisted transportation programs. They also connect clients to in-home support services, such as housekeeping and snow removal. Link workers also refer more complex issues to social workers who are a part of the social prescribing network in the community.


  1. A primary healthcare provider fills out a form to make a referral to our Link Worker – called a “social prescription” (referral to a Link Worker).
  2. Our Link Worker receives the referral and partners with the older adult to develop key health and social goals through community resources.
  3. The older adult accesses community-based supports to improve their health and well-being.


  1. Improved physical and mental health
  2. Increased confidence to live at home
  3. Reduced isolation and loneliness
  4. Reduced length and frequency of hospital stays
  5. Increased community connections and natural support networks
For more information about Strathmore Link Care 55+, please reach out to FCSS and ask to speak to our Network Coordinator, Sarah Travnicek, or Link Worker, Diana Rose at (403) 934-9090.

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